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Mask On with Just B Au Naturel Pink Clay Mask

Come the hot weather and it is the perfect time to chill with a cooling mask or two. Personally, I am a huge mask junkie - it is so easy to multitask with just a mask on. So when I was sent a sample of Just B Au Naturel's French Pink Clay Mask, my mask-lover self was doing cartwheels. Products placed on our skin have direct entry into the bloodstream, whereas the food we ingest is first metabolised by the liver.

Alanna Rose and Geranium Face and Body Soap review

I must say I have something for handmade soaps. Nothing leaves me weaker in the knees than a soft and creamy bar of handmade soap. So when I was sent a sample of Alanna's Rose and Geranium Face and Body Soap, I was rather excited at the prospect of letting out my inner Cleopatra all over again. The outer paper packaging for this soap (Rs 175 for 100gms) was just so tastefully elegant - an off-white with a drawing of the

Product Review: Forest Essentials Under Eye Serum

Paeans and odes uncountable have been written to celebrate the beauty of eyes - the twin windows to an individual's soul. Poetry aside, the drudgery and hard work of real life do tend to take the sparkle out of the eyes rather often and cloak them in darkness. There! I am getting poetic about something as irritating as dark circles, under-eye bags and so on. I am thankfully not that bothered about dark circles, but the first sign that my

Luxurious Lotus-based Offerings by Nyassa Bath and Body

The lotus flower is feted the world over for its purity, despite the paradox that it emerges from the dirty and muddy bottom of a pond. And yet remains pristine in its grandeur. According to tenets of Hinduism and Buddhism, it is said to symbolise the enlightened human who rises from the darkness of the world into a new way of thinking and living. The Egyptians considered the lotus flower symbolic of creation and rebirth, symbolic of the Sun. The

Product Review – The Moms Co. Natural Foot Cream

The Moms Co. ( is one of the new entrants in the category of brands that believe in organic, toxin-free products. But there is a difference. Actually, make that two. First, it is helmed by a mother of two, Malika Sadani (who is an engineer and MBA by education, Malika worked as a banker before quitting her job to become a full-time mom). This means that the problems that the products wish to address are real - a mom has

Raja Of Remixes Bally Sagoo at FLYP@MTV!

As he began his gig with the hit Laung Gawacha, Bally Sagoo declared, "Aa gaana 1998 vich aaya si! 1998 ch tusi kitthe si?!" (This song released in 1998. Where were you in 1998!?). A few party animals were probably toddlers, but that did not stop them from going crazy on the dance floor grooving to the iconic track as well as several others that Sagoo spun at FLYP@MTV in Chandigarh on a Saturday night that truly raised the bar

Top five Diwali Gift Hampers

If you have been battling daily traffic, crowded markets and the squabbles to find appropriate parking spots while shopping for the festive season, we have an answer for you. Gifting is an essential part of the festive season, so we’ve curated our favourite list of the top five hampers from luxury hotels. These packs promise not just the usual dry fruits and Indian mithais, but also exotic nibbles such as cheese, wine and so much more. If you have been battling

Pamper The Men in Your Life with These Special Diwali Giftings

Diwali is the festival of light and brightness. Nothing better to light up your world than the smile of loved ones when you gift them something unusual. These unique gift ideas for men are going to light up the Diwali of the men in your lives... 1. Clothe them Right This Diwali head to Threads and Shirts for some amazing Diwali offers and Diwali gift boxes. Say goodbye to your old-style shopping and enjoy the 3 Dimensional draping experience of customising your

The World, Through Woodium Glasses

Every once in a while, there is an idea that is basic and yet seems way ahead of its times. Or, an idea that is ideal for time to change. There are thousands of eyewear brands in the world - luxurious, glamorous, pocket-friendly or high end. But a majority of them are made using plastic. By choosing them, we're unknowingly causing unimaginable damage to the environment at the cost of looking fashionable — adding non-biodegradable waste to our already-polluted environment. Woodium, led by

THN Exclusive: Kitty Ko, brand new lounge at The Lalit, Chandigarh

A definite crowd-puller and a popular jaunt across metros in India, Kitty Su at The Lalit in Chandigarh is the most popular nightclub of the tricity. The brainchild of The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group Executive Director Keshav Suri, has been voted Best Nightclub at the Times Food and Nightlife Awards two years in a row. And OKO, its award-winning Pan-Asian restaurant is a favourite with the crème de la crème. The best of both worlds have now combined to create