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Mango myth: Are mangoes really fattening?


Summer is here, and all of us are looking forward to gorging on the “king of fruits” otherwise known as the “mango”. Consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of many lifestyle-related chronic health conditions. The summer speciality of India is the mango, which is loaded with essential nutrients. Like everything else, it should be eaten in moderation. A medium-sized mango provides Vitamin A and C, fibre, magnesium, iron and anti-oxidants and no cholesterol thereby making it highly nutritious.

Watermelon: the Elixir of Summer

Watermelon can easily quench the summer thirst. The fruit is particularly popular in the hot, dry regions of north India - even though it is widely available almost all through the year in other parts of India. Watermelon is botanically identified as Citrullus vulgaris is believed to have been a native of tropical Africa. The fruit is known in Hindi as Tharbhuj or Tarbuz. This fruit is large and can achieve a diameter of even 20 inches! The bottle green outer

World Health Day Special: Dance as a stress buster

You sway or move, walk or stand, shake or still – one thing that binds it all is DANCE! Being the primordial form of expression that the humans have been gifted as an Inbuilt system. Then why few don’t dance? Is that your question? Because we live in a society where connecting to your inner strengths & treasure has become an uphill task with numerous distractions served in a plate for you: Gadgets, self-inflicting disgrace, doubts, urge to learn skills

Shalini Bharadwaj: The Birth of Me

It does not seem so long ago. Sitting pretty in my garden surrounded by dahlias and pansies, I could hardly breathe. The pain was excruciating and every time I breathed I could feel something wrong. Mummy arrives; she is suffering from a spur in her foot and has to be taken to the doctor. Gladly I sit in the car, with her staring at my face and asking me what the problem was. I replied that I have become accident prone;

Menopause Care: Things to Remember!

Every woman faces the time in their lives which marks the end of menstrual cycles. It can be tiring and irritative as your body goes through a lot of changes. Menopause! The word which refers to the natural process of stopping of the menstrual cycle that occurs at the end of the reproductive years in women. Most women tend to reach menopause around 40-50 years of age. However, nowadays one can see premature menopause take place which needs more attention than often provided. Nutritionist

Bijli Giraane Woh Thi Aayi, RIP ‘Hawa Hawai’ Sridevi

Sridevi debuted as a four-year-old in a Tamil film called Thunaivan. Seeing her cherubic face, it was hard to fathom how one day, she would overshadow the male actors. Often referred to as 'Lady Bachchan' in the 80s, she was definitely bigger than the men she starred with. Her work showcased not only her inimitable talent, but also her single-handed box-office pull. What would be a Tohfa, or a Himmatwala, without Sri? India's first female superstar (though many will dispute and say

Choose Ayurveda over chemicals for beauty: Shahnaz Husain

Ayurveda has found a prominent place in modern cosmetic care. Treatments that were lost in the mists of time have been revived and viewed in the light of modern scientific techniques. Today, along with the Indian philosophies of Yoga and Meditation, the holistic system of Ayurveda has also become popular worldwide. Herbal and natural extracts have been formulated into different products for skin, hair and body care, using the latest scientific techniques. Over centuries of usage, it has been seen that

Shashi Kapoor: Charming Actor, Suave Gentleman

What could he be, if not an actor? For Balbir Raj Kapoor, the youngest son of Prithvi Raj Kapoor and Ramsarni Devi, there was never any other option. As Shashi (christened so by his mother who thought he was as beauteous as the full moon), said to me once, "I had far too many examples to follow. The worry was not so much about what career to have, but how to even imagine I could match up to the likes

Indian thoughts, global platform

India is a land of umpteen numbers of interesting stories and every hook and corner of this country holds in itself a history. But with the decline of print, many journalists are losing their jobs and with that a chance to voice their findings and stories. To counter this ever-growing problem, two Delhi-based journalists have initiated a global freelance platform, News Bridge. The platform aims to cater the needs of upcoming as well as established journalists and media professionals. Launched a

“I danced my way through my childhood…” – Madhuri Dixit Nene

I have been dancing since I was three years old. Kathak is my life. Dance has always been my passion. If acting is my first love, dancing is my passion. It’s like breathing for me. It’s something very spiritual. As a student of Kathak, I had learnt abhinaya (dancing with expressions), and that really helped me improve my skills as an actor as well. On Children's Day, I cannot emphasise enough the importance music and dance in a child's life. Music