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What’s gonna rule global trends: Fashion Forecast by WGSN

Echoing words of famous fashion visionary Yohji Yamamoto “With one eye on the past, I walk backwards into the future”. As fashion continues to evolve catering towards the demands of everyday life, designers look back into archives of ideas and bring forgotten concepts forward. Technology is seen to influence and add speed to our lives increasingly. Today we live in a world where our boundaries between home, work and play continue to blur. Over the last few years, a large slice

Top 3 makeup trends for wedding season by Vidya Tikari

A best friend's wedding is a time when even the most fuss-free girl may want to put on a wee bit of mascara or a shade of lipstick. The celebratory mood will make you want to dress up. And it is not necessary that you pile on the makeup to look good. If trends are to be considered, the makeup mantra for this season is 'less is more'. Internationally renowned makeup artist Vidya Tikari says that this season is the

Don’t Die Dieting, Understand the Basics

The dictionary defines DIET as the kind of food that one restricts themselves to, or habitually eats, either to lose weight, gain weight, or for certain medical purposes. Hence, the basic premise is that a dieting plan simply describes what one consumes in terms of food and drink, as a way of life, and not necessarily to curb the appetite. In the urban scenario of our modern world – the word ‘diet’ has been grossly misinterpreted. It has largely become a

Easy and healthy low-fat breakfast options

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast,” said John Gunther. This is very true, because refuelling oneself with a nice, healthy, leisurely breakfast in the morning, leads to a happy body and mind – as it provides the essential nutrition required to help kick-start our day with. There are also several studies to suggest that skipping breakfast tends to make high-calorie food seem more appealing later in the day, which may lead to an unhealthy intake of calorie-rich food. The ideal breakfast

Black or White: Is Sugar Actually So Bad?

“Sugar and Spice, and everything nice” – goes an old nursery rhyme, referring to the two top taste enhancing food groups known to humans. So what is this 'sugar', and where did it come from? In simple terms, it’s a sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants, such as sugarcane and sugar beet, consisting essentially of sucrose, and used as a sweetener in food and drinks. The term ‘sugar’ can be used to describe all types of carbohydrates, including Glucose (found in

Prevent food poisoning while travelling during monsoon

Everybody wants to eat safe and pure food, and this may become a bit concerning while travelling especially during monsoon. Rainy season is fun and exciting, and the lush green environment makes monsoon-travel soothing and refreshing. Transition phase from summer to monsoon is ideal for bacterial growth due to humidity and moisture in the environment, which can increase the foodborne infections leading to food poisoning. Ill health may be caused by food contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites or toxins. The common

Develop a great team and team culture

In today’s dynamic business environment, the answer to consistent good performance and low attrition rate depends on the business leader’s capability to develop a great team and superb team culture. In other words, a great culture enables success, builds team fabric and attracts talent. So what is a great team or how will we find if a team is great or not? The first identity of a great team is that it adds leverage, divides work and multiplies success. Its members

Mind speaks: How to stay connected with your adolescent

Either we have experienced ourselves or we have witnessed the challenges of teenage parenting. In today’s social environment, adolescents are bombarded with all kind of information and their struggle is not limited to their hormonal changes and career expectations but to every day’s peer pressure, information bombardment from social media, TV and the internet. In such conditions, today’s parents are finding it difficult to stay connected with their kids now and then. Here are some vital parenting tips for parents

Food trends to dominate the year 2016

The food and beverage segment of the hospitality industry is constantly evolving and coming up with new and unique ideas. Chefs are constantly experimenting and creating dishes that seem to be popular among guests and try to come up with something that matches with the ongoing trends but their own unique twist. The point to note is that if customers have evolved so have hotels and their restaurants. The following food trends seem to be emerging in 2016: 1. Use of

Mind speaks: How to maintain a healthy mood and mind

The human mind has the tendency to react and remember negative incidences more than the positive ones, for example, we tend to remember the insults from our relatives more than their kind act and encouraging words. Storing negative information for a while without valuing the positive experiences may not do any immediate harm in anyone’s life but this tendency, in the long run, can develop into a habit. That habit with time can result into an endless number of physical and