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A day spent at Koolwal Kothi, Nawalgarh

The Koolwal Kothi is an impressive heritage building in Nawalgarh. Its monumental facade blends traditional and European elements. Constructed in 1934, during the time of Anandilal Ji Hemraj Ji Koolwal, it has a magnificent facia with a series of tasteful rooms organised around a central hall. This deviates pleasantly from traditional courtyard house planning of the region. The city of Nawalgarh was founded by Nawal Singh, the fourth of the five brothers in 1737 AD on an existing village of Kaimkhanis.

Lap of Luxury on a Houseboat

Houseboats, also known as water cruises, have always been a major attraction for travellers, both from India and abroad. Whether you are a first-time vacationer on a houseboat or are an experienced cruiser, a team of professionally trained crew pampers you with the best of services. Chartering the two extreme corners of the country, Kashmir and Kerala, these regions represent two distinct worlds and have their own charms. Right from culture, architecture, natural beauty, services and amenities, houseboats have their

Property Visit: Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace and Spa

Travel changes you as a person, bringing in you requisite modesty and a spirit of adventure. With these words in my heart, I planned a trip to Udaipur. The city of lakes turned out to be more than my expectations so much so that it left an indelible mark on my spirit. My day 1 started from Chandigarh. I had to attend a few imperative meetings in Delhi, so I decided to take a halt. I had an early morning flight from

Sandal Suites is an oasis in the concrete jungle of Noida

Lemon Tree Hotels launched its latest offering in Noida, the first upscale serviced suites property called Sandal Suites. These serviced apartments, situated just off the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, are located within the Assotech Business Cresterra, the LEED Gold Certified office complex in the IT Hub of Sector 135, Noida. Best suited for extended stays, Sandal Suites features 195 well-appointed suites, extensive banqueting facilities, numerous dining options, and an array of recreational facilities, in a contemporary setting. Each of the elegantly designed

Weekend Getaway At The Phaltan’s Jakson Inns

After a six-hour-long drive from the city of Mumbai is a small rustic town called Phaltan. Right there, situated just off the highway is India’s first LEED GREEN Platinum Rated Hotel, Jakson Inns. Hidden in a faraway village, Jakson Inns may look like an average no-frill bed-and-breakfast inn, at first sight. A closer look would reveal it's an extensive property spreading across six acres of land, so spacious and airy that it would give a quintessential Mumbaikar a much-needed relief from

Thailand Not a Land of Flesh But Also a Family Destination

Before travelling to Thailand, I have heard so much about the country, that I was in double mind. It was damn embarrassing, the moment you tell someone you are travelling to Thailand, people used to give those meaningful looks. My condition was even worse as I was travelling with a small kid and husband. I was in a deep dilemma, whether exposing younger one to such place, is a wise thing. But thankfully, I was proven wrong. Thailand is beautiful, friendly

Raise the Energy Bar

Any mother worth her apron will know the perils of chasing a child for proper sit-down meals. Little bundles of energy are constantly running around chasing fun all the time. Most mothers are also rather miffed at the way children tend to skip breakfast and the essential nutrition required for the day. What if we were to tell you that you can package nutrition into homemade energy bars? And that these bars can be created from the leftover dry fruits under

A Custard Apple A Day

Custard apples, also well known as ‘sharifa' or ‘sitaphal' in Hindi, 'Seetha Palam' in Telugu, ‘Sita Pazham‘ in Malayalam and Tamil, may be native to West Indies, Central America, Peru and Mexico, but it has considerable significance in Hindu mythology. It is believed that Lord Ram and Sita were plied with unusual fruits from the Dandakaranya forest by Hanuman, who, out of devotion, named the fruits after them. That is how Ramphal and Sitaphal began to be relished by the

Party recipes by Chef Rajesh Shetty, Courtesy TFS

The season to eat, drink, and celebrate with friends is here. If you are the ideal host and are looking for interesting recipes to pamper your guests with, nothing like the variety of Indian cuisine. India is known for its rich culture, beautiful tourist destinations, iconic movies, lavish festivals, and, of course, as a huge encyclopaedia of food. Every day is like a festival in India and is celebrated with an assortment of mouthwatering, rich, irresistible sweets, and snacks. Travel

Bohri snacks for that perfect Diwali card party

The festive spirit is in the air. Homes are being cleaned and decorated. Markets are flooded with shoppers buying at full swing. Planning on for the parties to attend or list of guests to be invited. Menus discussed, recipes borrowed and shared. Diwali is here. If you are one of those, who loves experimenting with new things every festival, we bring to you some mouth-watering bohri snacks for your Diwali card party this year. And when you try them out,