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Best Birdwatching Spots In and Near Delhi

I discovered birdwatching as a child - when my grandfather would take me to the bird hospital in Old Delhi - almost every month - to feed the birds. I won't say it became a hobby that consumed me as hobbies should, but it made me understand that it was a hobby that helped you appreciate nature and the skill of the Creator - in the way he added colours to feathers. Later on, it made me realise that it

Kheer: The Legendary Food for Gods


What happens when creamy milk assimilates the rice grains boiling on a low flame for hours, with trailing saffron threads imparting a lovely hue, swirling with a dash of cardamom? Garnished with slivers of almonds and rose petals, it transforms into a sweet temptation impossible to resist called kheer. No wonder the Gods love it! Kheer or Kshirika in Sanskrit is the food for Gods. It is first mentioned as kheer made with jowar, in Padmavat the epic poem written by

Get Wings – Tips from Female Travellers

The travel industry website Skift dubbed 2017 “the year of the modern female traveller,” and Conde Nast Traveler recently reported that solo female travel is more popular than ever. So while you pack your bags and zero in on your next vacation destination for 2018, here are some frequent travellers, who happen to be women☺, that tell you what to remember to make it easy peasy! 1. Nausheen Tareen, PR Professional and Lifestyle Writer "As someone who has travelled a lot alone,

Get Raw: Reviewing Four Raw Pressery Flavours

If you regularly read The Humming Notes, you may have already noticed that we are a fan of all things natural. And this season, there is a definite affinity we are feeling towards juicy summer fruits. There is no better way to stay healthy, hydrated and cool in this heat than naturally sweet fruits. While I am personally not such a fan of fruit juices - I prefer eating the fruits whole - but when I got a call from

Detox Your Vacation with Wellness Tourism in Igatpuri

Vipasana Centre, Igatpuri

Traditionally, travelling meant exploring new places, discovering new locations and indulging in vivid cuisines. However, in today’s era, travel and travellers have evolved with tourists from across the globe looking to experience unique and offbeat. One of the new trends is of Wellness Tourism, which offers a blend of natural therapies, yoga, meditation, a perfect option for corporates, domestic and foreign travellers. Blessed with scenic beauty, Igatpuri is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. It has a few tallest peaks

Postcards from Bird Watching Excursion in Pollachi

I was recently in Pollachi in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. A quaint small town with many layers to it, known for the largest size of the tender coconut in the country, the Anamalai Temple, the Temple of Consciousness, an unusual school called Nachiar and more. But what stayed with me for longer is the bird watching trip to the Anamalai Tiger Reserve. An early morning excursion to spot some amazing birds which include species endemic to the Malabar region as well

Paan Kulfi to Kill the Heat

From using it in prayers and religious ceremonies to eating it in the form of a 'paan', betel leaves are an essential part of Indian culture. Actually, not just India, but paan is consumed and relished in many Asian countries (and sometimes in other parts of the world, such as South Americas). Obviously, tobacco is not beneficial to health, but combined with aniseed, gulkand, supari and a variety of mouth fresheners and digestives, a melt-in-the-mouth paan is just what the

Jaipur Glitters with ‘Night Tourism’ Project

Jaipur, the crown jewel of the princely state of Rajasthan, known for the historical monuments and rich folk culture is now set to become one of the first cities in the country to promote 'night tourism'. The Government of Rajasthan is working towards promoting night tourism in most cities, starting with its state capital, Jaipur. As part of this project, several places of cultural, historical and tourist interest, including Amber Palace, Albert Hall, Hawa Mahal and more recently Vidyadhar Ka

Prepare for Your Maiden Biking Trip to Ladakh

Ladakh has over the years emerged as the epitome of adventure, style and machoness especially if you are a new biker yearning to ride across the valiant passes of this cold desert. It is the land of snow clad high passes, freezing temperatures, rugged terrain and breathtaking landscapes in the Kunlun mountain range that later extends to The Great Himalayas in the South-East. One of the reasons, you opted for a thumping engine on two wheels was to ride straight

A slice of Bengali cuisine

If one were to really talk about the USP or defining a feature of Bengali cuisine - it would certainly be in the paradoxical tastes that define it. Typical Bengali cuisine is an amalgamation of the hot and the spicy - the jhal and the mishti. The richness of food is more to do with the style of preparation and the subtle use of spices. The essence of Bengali cooking is delicately balanced between the main ingredients and its seasoning.