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Bohri snacks for that perfect Diwali card party

The festive spirit is in the air. Homes are being cleaned and decorated. Markets are flooded with shoppers buying at full swing. Planning on for the parties to attend or list of guests to be invited. Menus discussed, recipes borrowed and shared. Diwali is here. If you are one of those, who loves experimenting with new things every festival, we bring to you some mouth-watering bohri snacks for your Diwali card party this year. And when you try them out,

Full Plates, Happy Palates at Chandigarh Palate Fest

The Chandigarh Palate Fest returns to the city of foodies with its third edition from October 13-15 at Lake Club. After its debut a couple of years ago and the response received, the festival, in partnership with CITCO, is all set to showcase fine dining, chefs, fresh and organic products, cookery workshops, food markets along with live entertainment in one large garden party. This season of Chandigarh Palate Fest showcases nearly 30 stalls from leading names in the F&B industry like

Wandering gourmand in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s most breathtaking dining destinations, a sprawling city with unmatched multicultural cuisine. The regular influx of people from across the globe ensures that the Arab city gets the best cuisine, be it continental, European, Asian or more. In the midst of all this, one should not forget that the local Emirati food, better known as Levantine food, is also there to savour. There are numerous options to indulge in such as hummus, a famous dip made

Pair it right with wine at The Lalit Chandigarh

"A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou…" sought Omar Khayyam. In many cultures the world over, the wine has had a long history of being a constant partner at the table and has also influenced the evolution of culinary traditions. Even in India, viticulture has a long history dating back to the time of the Indus Valley civilisation when grapevines were believed to have been introduced from Persia. Winemaking has had a long history in India. 'Sura'

World Tapas Day the Spanish way

World Tapas Day was celebrated with much Spanish fan fair at the Claridges Hotel, New Delhi recently. The Spanish ambassador and his team were in attendance and gave a brief introduction of how Tapas weren't just starters but a way of life or a cultural thing in Spain. Which means that the eating Tapas is actually looking for an excuse to go and socialise with friends. The tourism office of Spain partnered with Sevilla restaurant to bring the World Tapas Day

Phalsa, the eternal summer healer

'Kaale kale phalse, bade raseele phalse' - it was a routine cry every summer afternoon that made my brother and me scamper out of our rooms to get a handful of tart berries, phalsa, for a rupee from the vendor who carried a wicker basket atop his head. A rare sight in most cities now, an 'exotic' fruit in others, my grandfather would admonish us for eating what he said 'donkeys and mules eat in the villages'. Phalsa shrubs (about 10-15

From plot to plate with Chef Suriya

Before the sumptuous and decadent Thai curries go the Indianised-Chinese way (read loaded with masalas and artificial flavours), Chef Suriya Phusirimongkhonchai, the expat chef at The Lalit Chandigarh, seems to have decided to take matters into his own hands, or better still, garden. "What makes our Thai food stand apart is the authentic ingredients, which I have been growing in our herb garden,” he asserts, pointing out to a dozen herbs and vegetables growing in a patch within the premises

Georgian food – a supra for Gods

It’s often called the alchemy of cultures and influences, but that is just one of the many facets that make Georgian food such an incurable fascination – especially its bread. Contemplate Georgia. It is this little sliver of a kingdom lying in the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and sandwiched between the Black and Caspian Seas with Russia on the north and Turkey and Iran to the south. And yet, when it comes to food, it’s a showcase of the multiple

Terra chips: Gluten free indulgence

We all love to snack, anytime and anywhere. These are our saviour in the times of need and if you can get hold on a snack that is not just super tasty but gluten-free then nothing like it. Cocktail parties, group studies, kitty parties or general get-togethers, chips always find a way into all these places and several more occasions. I recently tried the Exotic vegetable chips by TERRA and one word to describe my experience is ‘different’. Born in New York

New menu launch at Baluchi, The Lalit Chandigarh

Innovation is the mainstay of any F&B outlet that aims to consistently please palates. And when we talk of Baluchi, we are speaking of one of the most popular pan-Indian speciality restaurants in India. It is, but obvious, that introduction of new flavours will be a given. Turns out that the speciality restaurant at The Lalit, Chandigarh has outdone itself under the watchful eyes of Executive Chef Shibiraj Saha and Chef Rajeev Thakur, in giving its existing menu a facelift.