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Lap of Luxury on a Houseboat

Houseboats, also known as water cruises, have always been a major attraction for travellers, both from India and abroad. Whether you are a first-time vacationer on a houseboat or are an experienced cruiser, a team of professionally trained crew pampers you with the best of services. Chartering the two extreme corners of the country, Kashmir and Kerala, these regions represent two distinct worlds and have their own charms. Right from culture, architecture, natural beauty, services and amenities, houseboats have their

Thailand Not a Land of Flesh But Also a Family Destination

Before travelling to Thailand, I have heard so much about the country, that I was in double mind. It was damn embarrassing, the moment you tell someone you are travelling to Thailand, people used to give those meaningful looks. My condition was even worse as I was travelling with a small kid and husband. I was in a deep dilemma, whether exposing younger one to such place, is a wise thing. But thankfully, I was proven wrong. Thailand is beautiful, friendly

Small joys in Shoghi with Aamod Resorts

The literal meaning of 'Aamod' is small joys. This translates into the tagline of the hospitality group - choti choti khushiyaan. For those wanting to escape the crowd and cacophony of the loud festive season in North India, a quick and serene getaway is possible in Shoghi. The charm of a place is in discovering its secrets. And Aamod Resorts at Shoghi will allow you to truly explore and find your anchors in this less known hill station. You can truly

Gap year travels: Some of the strangest things you’ll see

When you’re travelling the world for a year, it goes without saying that you’re going to see and do a lot. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge and experiences as you traverse through the world’s beautiful and strange offerings – here are some of the best examples of the latter. The surprising dishes in the local cuisine As you visit different locations across the globe, there’s no doubt you’ll be more than eager to taste what each location has to offer. Some dishes,

Five places to visit in Lonavala

Located in the middle of the Sahyadri Hills, Lonavala makes for the perfect weekend getaway. This picturesque hill station is surrounded by magnificent views of peaks, lakes, caves and monuments. Lonavala is great for treks, adventure sport or even camping. When in Lonavala, you should book your stay at Aamby Valley and enjoy yourself with some adventure sports and at the 18 hole Golf course. With so much to offer, you may not have enough time to visit all the recreational places

Turkey and its unbeatable hospitality

There are some destinations which you want to explore once in life, and there are some which you always want to go back to....and Turkey is certainly one of them! Turkey is a blend of vibrant Mediterranean cultures and the enchantment of the East; a combination of the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the international cities and the delighting simplicity of village life. A land of legendary wealth and generosity, the home of Midas - who turned everything he touched to gold, the birthplace

Chancing upon history at Neemrana ki Baoli

One of the best things about travelling off the beaten path is that a journey never gets over at destinations. There is the possibility of chancing upon many gems that may be less explored, if not fully unexplored. Thanks to a mid-week getaway to Alwar curated by Sumit Singh Jamwal of Escape Route (, a travel enterprise to aid your escape from monotony, we discovered a hidden destination, so far nearly buried in the depths of the earth (literally) right

Tata Hexa – your perfect travel buddy

One fine day while going through my emails, I saw this message from Indiblogger inviting bloggers from five metro cities to Hyderabad for the launch of the all new Tata Hexa. I must admit that I registered for it to gauge my standing and was elated to get selected among the top 60 influencers in the country. This was my first Indiblogger event and least knew what to expect but the entire activity went out smoothly. The day we landed in Hyderabad,

A rendezvous with devbhoomi Uttarakhand

Travel and photography go hand-in-hand, not only it lets one capture the views but it also gives an opportunity to relive the moments later. Every traveller/photographer reading this will agree with me. On this auspicious occasion of the World Tourism Day, I want to share some moments I captured on repeated visits to Uttarakhand. The land of the majestic Himalayas and the life Spotted this breathtaking sunrise while on one of the ghats in Haridwar. The sun rays steering from within the clouds made

Three reasons to visit Wonderfood Museum, Penang

The best part of my profession is that I get to go places and enjoy culinary delights from all over the world, in the garb of 'opening my eyes'. But my recent trip to Penang in Malaysia (where I was judging the Asian Pastry Competition) made my eyes pop out in wonder. Wonderfood Museum in Penang, that opened in November last year, is a speciality museum that celebrates Penang's huge variety cooking in particular and Malaysia's culinary smorgasbord in general. The