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Pamper The Men in Your Life with These Special Diwali Giftings

Diwali is the festival of light and brightness. Nothing better to light up your world than the smile of loved ones when you gift them something unusual. These unique gift ideas for men are going to light up the Diwali of the men in your lives... 1. Clothe them Right This Diwali head to Threads and Shirts for some amazing Diwali offers and Diwali gift boxes. Say goodbye to your old-style shopping and enjoy the 3 Dimensional draping experience of customising your

Bollywood says Thank You, Teacher

It is true that teaching creates all other professions. Like Henry Adams had once said, "A teacher has the power to affect all eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."You may think of Bollywood stars as your inspirations, idols and what have you. But most of these names that resonate the world over, owe it to their teachers for unearthing or honing the potential that we see today. You may think of Bollywood stars as your inspirations, idols and

Gusadi – a film on an ancient nomadic tribe of India

The tribal people of India are the oldest inhabitants of the country. India houses 573 types of indigenous tribes, that is about 104 million people. This is the largest population of the tribal people in the world! But how much do we actually know about their culture and heritage? One filmmaker is out on her own mission to change this! Jennifer Alphonse has won 3 State Awards, 17 International Film Awards and her work has also been to Cannes! Now, the

Inclov: making love inclusive

Love, according to the countless stories we have heard and seen, knows no boundaries. Yet, more often than not, love doesn’t come easily to the disabled. We live in a nation with 80 million people with disabilities, and of these, less than five percent end up getting married. Most of the population of people with disabilities does not have partners. Most dating or matchmaking apps currently available are not accessible, inclusive or have a higher churn rate for people with

The World, Through Woodium Glasses

Every once in a while, there is an idea that is basic and yet seems way ahead of its times. Or, an idea that is ideal for time to change. There are thousands of eyewear brands in the world - luxurious, glamorous, pocket-friendly or high end. But a majority of them are made using plastic. By choosing them, we're unknowingly causing unimaginable damage to the environment at the cost of looking fashionable — adding non-biodegradable waste to our already-polluted environment. Woodium, led by

“London is all-embracing…” – Navv Inder

Navv Inder at London

"What happened in Manchester is beyond shocking," says Punjabi singer Navv Inder, referring to the Ariana Grande concert bomb blast, that left 22 dead and many injured. He adds, "No one should have to fear for their life while doing what they love... It is not the first time that it has happened. Legendary Punjabi singer Amar Singh Chamkila was also gunned down while he was performing at a wedding in Mehsampur - not very far from my pind in Punjab.

Remember Bhagat Singh beyond tokenism

"Bhagat Singh's nationalism was very different. We celebrate Martyr's Day or Shaheed Diwas every year, but isn't it merely tokenism?" asks Punjabi R&B singer Navv Inder, who burst on the international music scene with the chartbuster Wakhra Swag. Expressing his ideas in a way that he knows best, Navv Inder launched a gritty ballad as his take on Shaheed Diwas. Aptly, the most telling lyric of the song, 'Ik Soch: Bhagat Singh' goes something like this: "23 March taan har

What I want to see in 2017!

I am excited to start the New Year because it is going to be my 10th birthday on the 13th of July! I want to tell you guys what I want to see in 2017. In 2017, I want crop burning in places such as Malaysia, Indonesia to stop as it causes a lot of pollution. Burning crops is harmful because Singapore is getting affected by the high pollution level. Same goes with India, crops burning made the air almost poisonous

GS Channi, healing with a clown’s hat and nose


Theatre is one of the oldest and the best form of connecting with, and entertaining the masses. Besides entertaining, theatre has been performed to bring about awareness on social issues. GS Channi or Gurcharan Singh Channi is a pioneering force behind community theatre. His journey is an interesting one, where he aspired to a religious preacher but ended up being a theatre actor and a TV film-maker. Channi is an alumunus of Panjab University’s Department of Indian Theatre, National School of

Wish her a special Karva Chauth this year

The debate about whether Karva Chauth is misogynist or not is a matter of subjective opinion, but here are a few things men can do that could make the women who fast for them feel special. Anil Kapoor, Actor "Fasting with your wife is a great idea but I do something even better. Considering the women of our family celebrate Karva Chauth together and often invite their friends to join in, I mostly take charge of organising the party. The fasting can