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Kashmir: What I Learnt While Shooting in a Conflict Zone

My first memory of Kashmir goes back to the time when my parents took me there as a child. I remember playing with the daughter of the houseboat owner there, that was when I first fell in love with Kashmir. The extraordinary landscape, the living lakes, the snowy white carpets, I saw it with the innocence of a child. I’m happy and content that I could see Kashmir so peaceful with those eyes. Because just in a few years I would

“Experiences in childhood help shape our future…” – Pavleen Gujral

She impressed masses and critics alike with her fiery portrayal as the fiery Pamela 'Pammy' Jaiswal in Angry Indian Goddesses, directed by France-based Indian filmmaker Pan Nalin. Notice her dialogue delivery in the film and it is evident where Pavleen Gujral's talent comes from. The Delhi-based Pavleen Gujral was qualified to be a lawyer, who wanted to make it big in the world of suits and trials, but destiny turned and she became a model. Over a really short period of

“I danced my way through my childhood…” – Madhuri Dixit Nene

I have been dancing since I was three years old. Kathak is my life. Dance has always been my passion. If acting is my first love, dancing is my passion. It’s like breathing for me. It’s something very spiritual. As a student of Kathak, I had learnt abhinaya (dancing with expressions), and that really helped me improve my skills as an actor as well. On Children's Day, I cannot emphasise enough the importance music and dance in a child's life. Music

Get Creative for the Kids

Maria Montessori had once said, "Hands are the instruments of man's intelligence." There are SO many incredible options to bring a smile to your kid's face this Children's Day. Even if arts and crafts are not your forte, you could put together some easy and quick gifts to surprise your child - from a toddler to a teenager - without even burning a hole in your pocket. For a preschooler, make a lacing jenny - made using a foam sheet cut

Fab In Drag: Roveena Tampon

Ever since LGBTQI issues have begun to make masses, as well as classes, think, activists have been part of critical commentaries on the enactment of 'gender' and its varied interpretations. This has also led to the assertion of identities outside the socially acceptable norms of the gender binary, as well as their increasing acceptance. The Six Pack Band, India's first transgender musical group found champions in Cannes and in Bollywood. Playboy magazine recently launched its first transgender playmate. The drag queen phenomenon

Pamper The Men in Your Life with These Special Diwali Giftings

Diwali is the festival of light and brightness. Nothing better to light up your world than the smile of loved ones when you gift them something unusual. These unique gift ideas for men are going to light up the Diwali of the men in your lives... 1. Clothe them Right This Diwali head to Threads and Shirts for some amazing Diwali offers and Diwali gift boxes. Say goodbye to your old-style shopping and enjoy the 3 Dimensional draping experience of customising your

Bollywood says Thank You, Teacher

It is true that teaching creates all other professions. Like Henry Adams had once said, "A teacher has the power to affect all eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."You may think of Bollywood stars as your inspirations, idols and what have you. But most of these names that resonate the world over, owe it to their teachers for unearthing or honing the potential that we see today. You may think of Bollywood stars as your inspirations, idols and

Gusadi – a film on an ancient nomadic tribe of India

The tribal people of India are the oldest inhabitants of the country. India houses 573 types of indigenous tribes, that is about 104 million people. This is the largest population of the tribal people in the world! But how much do we actually know about their culture and heritage? One filmmaker is out on her own mission to change this! Jennifer Alphonse has won 3 State Awards, 17 International Film Awards and her work has also been to Cannes! Now, the

Inclov: making love inclusive

Love, according to the countless stories we have heard and seen, knows no boundaries. Yet, more often than not, love doesn’t come easily to the disabled. We live in a nation with 80 million people with disabilities, and of these, less than five percent end up getting married. Most of the population of people with disabilities does not have partners. Most dating or matchmaking apps currently available are not accessible, inclusive or have a higher churn rate for people with

The World, Through Woodium Glasses

Every once in a while, there is an idea that is basic and yet seems way ahead of its times. Or, an idea that is ideal for time to change. There are thousands of eyewear brands in the world - luxurious, glamorous, pocket-friendly or high end. But a majority of them are made using plastic. By choosing them, we're unknowingly causing unimaginable damage to the environment at the cost of looking fashionable — adding non-biodegradable waste to our already-polluted environment. Woodium, led by