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Go native – Tribal Influences

Globe-trotting trends borrow elements from African, Asian & East Indian fashion like tribal prints, safari clothes, bold colours and patterns, chunky jewellery, and turbans. The global village of fashion is one of the hottest places to be this season, and designers primed your wardrobe for a safari adventure with a wild assortment of African field jackets, safari suits, zebra and leopard prints, khaki, and chunky tribal jewellery. Safari-inspired pieces graced the runways at Michael Kors, Donna Karan, and Diane von Furstenberg,

Shaadilogy is about #EverythingWedding

The Shaadilogy Trousseau Closet ’17 is a unique showcasing of high-fashion and designer prêt apparel and accessories. Featuring 8-10 renowned names from the fashion world, most of who do not have a presence in Kolkata, The Trousseau Closet ’17 will be the perfect opportunity for connoisseurs of fashion to interact with designers and get their expert advice, as they curate their looks and shop. The designers participating being, Nikasha, Ridhi Mehra, Arpita Mehta, Vizyon, Divya Reddy, Nitya Bajaj, Vasundhara and

Success stories: How yoga helps celebrities stay fit

Being a celebrity means having to follow a strict fitness regime to stay in shape. But apart from helping celebrities look and feel good on camera, exercise also helps build stamina to keep them going during the long hours of work. Practising mind and body wellness are essential to celebrities, and many pay tribute to yoga for helping improve their overall wellbeing. Below are five celebrities that attribute their success to yoga. Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin in his 50s was a bit overweight,

What’s gonna rule global trends: Fashion Forecast by WGSN

Echoing words of famous fashion visionary Yohji Yamamoto “With one eye on the past, I walk backwards into the future”. As fashion continues to evolve catering towards the demands of everyday life, designers look back into archives of ideas and bring forgotten concepts forward. Technology is seen to influence and add speed to our lives increasingly. Today we live in a world where our boundaries between home, work and play continue to blur. Over the last few years, a large slice

Terra chips: Gluten free indulgence

We all love to snack, anytime and anywhere. These are our saviour in the times of need and if you can get hold on a snack that is not just super tasty but gluten-free then nothing like it. Cocktail parties, group studies, kitty parties or general get-togethers, chips always find a way into all these places and several more occasions. I recently tried the Exotic vegetable chips by TERRA and one word to describe my experience is ‘different’. Born in New York

Top 3 makeup trends for wedding season by Vidya Tikari

A best friend's wedding is a time when even the most fuss-free girl may want to put on a wee bit of mascara or a shade of lipstick. The celebratory mood will make you want to dress up. And it is not necessary that you pile on the makeup to look good. If trends are to be considered, the makeup mantra for this season is 'less is more'. Internationally renowned makeup artist Vidya Tikari says that this season is the

Don’t Die Dieting, Understand the Basics

The dictionary defines DIET as the kind of food that one restricts themselves to, or habitually eats, either to lose weight, gain weight, or for certain medical purposes. Hence, the basic premise is that a dieting plan simply describes what one consumes in terms of food and drink, as a way of life, and not necessarily to curb the appetite. In the urban scenario of our modern world – the word ‘diet’ has been grossly misinterpreted. It has largely become a

Stunning feet mehndi designs for Karva chauth

The art of adorning palms and feet with mehndi originated in the Indian subcontinent almost six centuries ago. Mehndi can be applied on any part of your body using a toothpick, cone or stencil. This form of 'temporary tattooing' is not just hassle-free and completely natural, it has some benefits for the body. So much so that not just in the tropical countries, but also in relatively cooler countries, henna, jangua and other forms of dyeing skin are increasingly becoming

Frangipani wrap therapy at Rejuve, the Spa

Every once in a while, the monotonous drudgery of routine life is broken by a spa therapy that literally comes in like a whiff of fresh air in the life of lucky travel writers/bloggers. I was privy to one such day that I spent in the sanctuary of Rejuve, the signature spa from The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group at The Lalit in Chandigarh. Rejuve offers a complete holistic experience encompassing aroma, ayurvedic, herbal and natural therapy, patented colour healing and yoga

Orofluido EDP – a whiff of luxury in your bag

Orofluido EDP

"I have too many perfumes.." said no woman ever! There is a day perfume, an evening perfume, a sleeping time perfume (Marilyn Monroe used Chanel No 5!). So when the travel writer in me was gifted Orofluido that can be used at all these times, and also fit in the palm and your bag, I was more than happy. This is a relatively less-known scent - but that is the truth about all things nice and not yet discovered. Revlon describes