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Weekly detox is the key to slay this festive season

The best bit about the festive season is the food and drinks, but they also come with a lot of unwanted weight and fat gain. Right from Diwali to Christmas to New Years' and Lohri, with several weddings, parties and soirees, most of us indulge ourselves a bit much during the season of celebrations. But if we want to look and feel our best for the many do's that dot our social calendar, it is important to strike the right

Success stories: How yoga helps celebrities stay fit

Being a celebrity means having to follow a strict fitness regime to stay in shape. But apart from helping celebrities look and feel good on camera, exercise also helps build stamina to keep them going during the long hours of work. Practising mind and body wellness are essential to celebrities, and many pay tribute to yoga for helping improve their overall wellbeing. Below are five celebrities that attribute their success to yoga. Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin in his 50s was a bit overweight,

Terra chips: Gluten free indulgence

We all love to snack, anytime and anywhere. These are our saviour in the times of need and if you can get hold on a snack that is not just super tasty but gluten-free then nothing like it. Cocktail parties, group studies, kitty parties or general get-togethers, chips always find a way into all these places and several more occasions. I recently tried the Exotic vegetable chips by TERRA and one word to describe my experience is ‘different’. Born in New York

Don’t Die Dieting, Understand the Basics

The dictionary defines DIET as the kind of food that one restricts themselves to, or habitually eats, either to lose weight, gain weight, or for certain medical purposes. Hence, the basic premise is that a dieting plan simply describes what one consumes in terms of food and drink, as a way of life, and not necessarily to curb the appetite. In the urban scenario of our modern world – the word ‘diet’ has been grossly misinterpreted. It has largely become a

Easy and healthy low-fat breakfast options

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast,” said John Gunther. This is very true, because refuelling oneself with a nice, healthy, leisurely breakfast in the morning, leads to a happy body and mind – as it provides the essential nutrition required to help kick-start our day with. There are also several studies to suggest that skipping breakfast tends to make high-calorie food seem more appealing later in the day, which may lead to an unhealthy intake of calorie-rich food. The ideal breakfast

Black or White: Is Sugar Actually So Bad?

“Sugar and Spice, and everything nice” – goes an old nursery rhyme, referring to the two top taste enhancing food groups known to humans. So what is this 'sugar', and where did it come from? In simple terms, it’s a sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants, such as sugarcane and sugar beet, consisting essentially of sucrose, and used as a sweetener in food and drinks. The term ‘sugar’ can be used to describe all types of carbohydrates, including Glucose (found in

Nainital Monsoon Mountain Marathon 2016 is here

India’s Premium Hill Resort will host the seventh edition of the prestigious Namah Nainital Mountain Monsoon Marathon (NNM3), an event that sees a massive participation of hill folks including the industrial belt of SIDCUL. Held annually on the last Sunday of August, the event brings some good news and vibes from the mountains to the rest of nation especially post monsoon deluge. This edition in continuation with previous ones is likely to see some long distance athletes from countries like Ethiopia

Choose chia for complete wellness

In the recent years, chia seeds have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity and now have become favourite with the health conscious people across the globe. 'Chia' is the ancient Mayan word for “strength.” The Aztecs and Mayans prized them for their ability to provide sustainable energy. Though chia seeds have an ancient history of being a dietary staple, only now has the world woken up to its benefits to label it a super-food. Chia seeds are tiny black seeds

3 detox summer coolers you must try

detox water

It may be hot and blazing but now is the best season to tank up on cooling detox drinks that also help cleanse your body from within. So don't worry about having to live with the heat when you can not only calm your body from within but also get that several additional benefits. Weight loss, improved digestion, improved energy and inner calm will be some of the good effects of drinking these three special summer coolers - asides from