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Sugary sweet gifting

Festivals may come and go, but there is one season that lasts all year long. The season of gifting. Birthday gifts, Valentine's gifts, Christmas gifts, Diwali gifts and JUST LIKE THAT GIFTS too!! Whew! The only thing that could sometimes be a bummer is the brainstorming over what could be the gift. Add to that the crazy work scheds that just don't let you get out to shop! If only there was a genie that could fetch a box that would

Readying for christmas flavours

The nip in the air is giving way to temperature drops and the chill setting in. Tinkling bells and Christmas aren't too far away either. The festival of merriment is incomplete without the traditional Christmas cake. An English tradition which kicked off as plum porridge laid the foundation of Christmas cakes. This porridge was eaten to break the fast on Christmas eve. Gradually, dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge, which eventually evolved into a Christmas pudding.

Ring in New year amidst peace

Christmas is all about waiting for Santa to climb down a chimney and curling up with a book next to a cozy fireplace while waiting for the new year to descend upon you.  A truly quaint thought from the loud new year celebrations and city parties. Two home stays - in completely opposite directions - allow you to revel in the togetherness of loved ones. They also offer you a fresh new way to start the new year - engulfed