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May 13 – Lal Qila, the red fortress

Red Fort (Lal Qila) is one of the most important monuments in the history of India. Today, it is the prominent landmarks of the capital city, Delhi. This red stone monument was built as a residence for the Mughal emperor Shahjahan on this date, i.e., on May 13, 1648. Ustad Hamid and Ustad Hira were the principal masons. When in 1638, Shahjahan shifted his working capital from Agra to Delhi, he founded the seventh city called as Shahjahanabad. Today, it is

Bronies gastropub is for winners

Bronies, slang for happy people who enjoy life’s lighter moments in spite of hectic routines and work pressures, opened in a style true to its name with friends, cocktails, sizzlers and an evening under the star. If you remember the ‘Nirulas’ below Defense colony flyover and have sweet memories of the place like I do …then a new gastropub by the name of Bronies has just opened its doors at exactly the same location and I can vouch for the place

Much can happen over Mister Chai

Indians are known for their love for chai (tea) and one can find tea stalls on the street corners anywhere in the country. Every state has its own variations of tea; in terms of taste as well as presentation. The Shangri-La's Eros Hotel recently launched a tea restaurant, Mister Chai, in the heart of the capital city. The restaurant has the feel of a local tea shop right inside an international hotel. We take you on a pictorial journey of the place. The name

Readying for christmas flavours

The nip in the air is giving way to temperature drops and the chill setting in. Tinkling bells and Christmas aren't too far away either. The festival of merriment is incomplete without the traditional Christmas cake. An English tradition which kicked off as plum porridge laid the foundation of Christmas cakes. This porridge was eaten to break the fast on Christmas eve. Gradually, dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge, which eventually evolved into a Christmas pudding.

A walk with Asif Khan Dehlvi, founder of Delhi Karavan

When you are with Asif Khan Dehlvi, you should be ready for the spiritual and the stories, fragrances of sandalwood and rose with nothing of that sort burning nearby, and the invisible forms chatting with him, as he chats with you. Since we had met a few days before while he was leading the walk on djinns of Delhi in Ferozeshah Kotla Fort, I was quite prepared to hear the unusual; in fact that’s what I wanted to hear. And

Monkeying around at Monkey Bar

I knew of meditation in a pyramid, but Monkey Bar awakened the need to learn the art of wining and dining in a pyramid. Delhi’s latest gastropub, Monkey Bar is housed in a unique glass pyramid in Vasant Kunj. Trees all around, the spirit encased in a glass and innovative food, which of course is expected when a Chef of Olives fame, Manu Chandra, puts his heart and soul into the menu. Armed with his fine dining experience and a course

Blue Water Grille: A seafoodie’s delight

Did I expect a restaurant to offer seafood in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden, right near the metro station? No. So Blue Water Grille was a surprise package and a good one. I had been told seafood was the speciality. So when the manager asked us to make our choice, we decided to try the seafood dishes. Spread over 600 sq ft on the first floor, the interiors are subtle. You can quietly sit in one corner, sipping your drink, and you will

The lost treasures of Rajasthan: Churu, havelis and Malji—Day 2

It was a lovely Churu morning, a sky so clear and blue that my first thought was of merging with it. I watched the eagles soar high, high, coming down, right above my head, I ducked and they flew away. Ah! The pleasure of being under the open sky and the day had a lot more to offer, as our guide Lal Singh and host Deepak Balan had informed us. Before going for a walk around Ramgarh, the sister town

The lost treasures of Rajasthan: Churu, havelis and Malji—Day 1

When Deepak Balan invited THN for the weekend to Malji ka Kamra, I didn’t know I was going to discover treasures of the past in the little known and less visited town of Churu. The colours of the desert are unique in vibrancy and heritage abounds. But Malji ka Kamra and the breathtaking frescoes on ancient havelis is a visual delight for all those who like to have the feel the world unknown. My December winter morning started at Delhi Cantt

The Chatterhouse: Europe under the metro

Even the exterior of The Chatterhouse will tell you that you are going to enter a place where it’s going to be woody and cosy. And we had caught the ambience correct—it is woody, cosy, a place to spend time with friends, associates and chatter and drink to your heart’s content. THN team had decided to check it out as an informal sit-n-discuss place for our weekly meeting and we were not disappointed with the service, the friendly treatment and the