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‘Meri wali chai’ at Hauz Khas Village

Although coffee is the recent rendition of stress relievers, chai (tea) is the most traditional beverage and steeped in its own benefits. To relive the spirit of tea and experimenting with Chai, Chaayos recently opened its outlet at the prime location of Hauz Khaz Village, New Delhi. Offering the customers the option to customise their own tea and making it 'Meri wali chai,' their signature tea provides a plethora of choices like 12-add ons ranging from adrak, tulsi, elaichi, saunf

RAAS – bringing back histories together through food

In one of the busiest cities, Delhi, I found a corner where two separated countries, India and Pakistan, rendezvous. A part of the mouth-watering Pakistani delicacies lives in Hauz Khas village. Tucked away on a cobbled leafy part of the quaint village is where you will find an epicurean’s oasis – Raas. My friend and I entered this restaurant where the interiors are given a trendy yet traditional look. There is enough walking space between the seats and one can relax