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The lost treasures of Rajasthan: Churu, havelis and Malji—Day 2

It was a lovely Churu morning, a sky so clear and blue that my first thought was of merging with it. I watched the eagles soar high, high, coming down, right above my head, I ducked and they flew away. Ah! The pleasure of being under the open sky and the day had a lot more to offer, as our guide Lal Singh and host Deepak Balan had informed us. Before going for a walk around Ramgarh, the sister town

Book review and author interview: The Mahabharata Secret

The Mahabharata Secret–a world of myth, treasure, weapon, mystery, adventure, invisible threads and crime. Debutant author Christopher C Doyle has written a racy- pacy novel highlighting man’s innate search for the better but perhaps not constructive. Doyle graduated from St. Stephens College, Delhi, with a degree in Economics and studied Business Management at IIM Calcutta. He has written articles on management and business for several publications, and is regularly invited to speak at conferences. He worked with leading multinationals before

Experiential learning and more at Breakthrough

An outbound training service provider, Breakthrough uses experiential learning to train teams on behaviours and values. Impacting organisations for more than 13 years, Breakthrough is a project of Sports Outreach India, a trust established in 1993. CEO and founder Robin Paul talks about his journey and ways to get your breakthrough in an email interview: 1) How did you begin the journey? I grew up in Bengaluru, with parents from different religious backgrounds. My parents divorced when I was growing up, a

Dance of life with Tulsi Badrinath

Tulsi Badrinath’s latest book Master of Arts: A Life in Dance is all about her gurus VP Dhananjayan and his wife Shanta and the journey to establish themselves as Bharatnatyam dancers. In the book, Badrinath has combined her twin passion of writing and dancing. She trained under VP Dhananjayan and Shanta in Bharata Natyam from the age of eight and has performed in India and abroad. After her graduation in English Literature from Stella Maris College, Madras, Tulsi Badrinath did

Moksha through Odissi

From the epics to modern times, the world of women faces the same turmoil, as Odissi exponent Ranjana Gauhar explored in Tejasa. The story of four women from Ramayana—Sita, Kaikeyi, Surapnakha, Mandodari—Tejasa blended a woman’s many moods and expressions. The dance drama incorporated four styles—Ranjana Gauhar moved through Sita’s emotions in Odissi, Uma Dogra as Kaikeyi performed Kathak, Gopika Varma dancing Mohiniyattam as Surpankha was enchanting and Deepika Reddy as Mandodari expressed herself through Kuchipudi. Tejasa focussed on the inner