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Spend some me-time at Kairali ayurvedic village

My level of excitement was super high while on my way to the Kairali ayurvedic village, Kerala. It was the first time I was visiting a healing and rejuvenation center, and Kerala as well. Here is my photo journey from Delhi to Kerala. I captured this serene white beauty on my way to Kerala. The healing started as soon as we landed in Kerala as the scenic beauty of the place is soothing. Picture clicked enroute Kairali ayurvedic village. And here we are

Fun-filled holiday at Green Getaway

Weekends are meant to be fun and frolic and when we received an invite to visit the Green Getaway camp at Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, we grabbed it immediately. Living in the cities and working for corporates does not give you a lot of time to spare and hence, we opted for a ‘Simply-do-nothing-holiday’ and had the most wonderful experience for two days. As the name suggests there wasn’t any itinerary that was to be followed, we were our own boss

Food Review: Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

If you are a Delhiite and used to visiting Lutyen’s Delhi, then you definitely know that Lodi: The Garden Restaurant is the place to enjoy the winter sun and summer evenings. It’s the proverbial paradise where you expect to see nymphs and swans, pixies and fairies, birds and birds. But even though those are missing, I simply love the ambience. Nature undisturbed, the restaurant offers great food and impeccable service. In fact, I would say it’s a lovers’ getaway. Flowers, trees,