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Art finds home at Taj Literature Festival

Last month the city of love, Agra saw an extravagant celebration of literature with the third Taj Literature Festival held at Hotel Clarks Shiraz. With almost 22 sessions over three days, the festival saw many prominent personalities talking about cinema, digital media, culture, photography, genre writing and much more. Literature is a vast subject which constitutes something from every walk of life, art being one of them. While the speakers were interacting with the audience under a colourful shamiana, one

The real teachers by Prenita Dutt

Our art group is highly energised and motivated, one that embraces each new activity with enthusiasm and vigour. To be surrounded with laughter and conversation, colours and brushes, art files and paper is an amazing experience indeed! Collectively, we have tried our hand at everything - clay-modelling, puzzle-making, tribal art, acrylic painting, fabric painting and still-life. All this has resulted in some amazing and diverse art. We have had four exhibitions that excited family members and relatives have thronged to see. The

Quirky ways to relieve your stress

Stress has become an integral part of our lives. It is very common phenomenon nowadays. We have so much to accomplish and are always short of time. Our inability to be present everywhere makes us stressed. Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi from Medlinks says that there are many different ways of relieving stress. Here are a few quirky stress relieving methods that can help you to de-stress anytime anywhere: • Blowing a balloon – When you’re blowing a balloon, you need to take long