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Ramayana, the puppet dance drama at BHARANGAM2016

Opened to a full house at the Sri Ram Centre, Ramayana shows the diversity and integrity of India in a true way. It was conceived by a man from Uttar Pradesh while in Mumbai with a theme that is entirely from Rajasthan. The play is a novel combination of ballet and puppetry. The artists with stylised movements, costumes and masks create an illusion of wooden puppets. Though the masks have faces, crowns and headgears painted on them but the skillful

The lost treasures of Rajasthan: Churu, havelis and Malji—Day 3

It was a cool Monday morning. My train scheduled for noon, I wanted to satiate my quest to see Churu a bit more. Luckily, everything in this town within walking distance, an hour’s walk can be a revelation. So I began my day with a short prayer at the Shiva temple around the corner from Malji Ka Kamra. Even the ambience of the temple varies from city to city. This was a small temple in a lane, made up of

The lost treasures of Rajasthan: Churu, havelis and Malji—Day 2

It was a lovely Churu morning, a sky so clear and blue that my first thought was of merging with it. I watched the eagles soar high, high, coming down, right above my head, I ducked and they flew away. Ah! The pleasure of being under the open sky and the day had a lot more to offer, as our guide Lal Singh and host Deepak Balan had informed us. Before going for a walk around Ramgarh, the sister town

The lost treasures of Rajasthan: Churu, havelis and Malji—Day 1

When Deepak Balan invited THN for the weekend to Malji ka Kamra, I didn’t know I was going to discover treasures of the past in the little known and less visited town of Churu. The colours of the desert are unique in vibrancy and heritage abounds. But Malji ka Kamra and the breathtaking frescoes on ancient havelis is a visual delight for all those who like to have the feel the world unknown. My December winter morning started at Delhi Cantt

Time stands still at Lakshman Sagar

Little dark clouds floated in the sky, little drops of rain were falling on the car on my way to Lakshman Sagar. Lush green landscape was all around as the car moved swiftly towards Pali from Ajmer. This didn’t look like the Rajasthan I had seen earlier, no desert, no dry air, the green glimmered as the rain water fell on it. This was just the beginning of an awesome day. Reaching Pali was more fun than what I had thought.