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Bronies gastropub is for winners

Bronies-12Bronies, slang for happy people who enjoy life’s lighter moments in spite of hectic routines and work pressures, opened in a style true to its name with friends, cocktails, sizzlers and an evening under the star.

If you remember the ‘Nirulas’ below Defense colony flyover and have sweet memories of the place like I do …then a new gastropub by the name of Bronies has just opened its doors at exactly the same location and I can vouch for the place to give you a lot more new memories to cherish.

Let me start by the decor and ambience of the place…what you see is cozy, alfresco feel, wooden furniture, lots of use of wood to give it a nice warm comfy kind of feel.

Bronies-02The interiors are also done funkily with colorful kitschy posters, a lot of number plates on the bar wall which is pretty funky and some arty rock posters. There was a DJ setup up on an elevation which was cool and the tunes were foot tapping.

In all nothing too hi-fi or fancy but the decor was done in a fun & youthful vibe which I am sure will appeal to one and all.

There is a nice outside sitting area too with a fire wood oven for pizza’s which is great for winters and good weather …not too sure about the summers…but it is there.

A long list of cocktails some of them went like this – Peach Buzz, Brazilian Booty, Swinger, Russian Bust, Quick Fix, Brain Jizzer, Hammered Coffee Punch, Bourbon Singh.

I tried the whisky sour which was made well.


Burnt tomato and tortilla soup
Burnt tomato and tortilla soup

Must try and highly recommended Burnt Tomato & Tortilla soup – words cannot explain this fantastic amalgamation of flavors so if you are a tomato soup person like me – This is it.

Next I tried the hot butter fish in curries leaves – tasty, spicy in the right dose and with a strong curry leaf taste in it … This is a Sri Lankan dish & a great starter too if you like your fish done in a nice spicy/quirky way.

Tenderloin burger
Tenderloin burger at Bronies

For the main course I tried the Tenderloin burger – now this is a tricky meat to prepare as I have had a few misfires in 5-star hotels and fine-dining places – but this was well made and done to perfection at Bronies. Great presentation and taste too.

Moving on to the desserts there is a short choice but a good selection to try – I tried the baked Alaska which is a pretty tricky and exquisite dish to prepare. It was not too bad had a good top base of cream and a cassata sandwich in the middle which is actually the easiest way to make it by the way…not like the best I have had but a great dish to round-up a stellar dinner.


Text and food images by Gursimran Singh

Restaurant images source


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