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Rediscovering Kargil – Treasure Hunt Style

Coins issued by East India Company bearing the figure of Emperor George V Who doesn’t like a good treasure hunt fable? There is an element of intrigue to the idea of digging the ground to find a precious chest of gleaming jewels or gold coins lurking within. Only in the case of Munshi Aziz Bhat’s family, it turned out to be a true story. The story starts nearly hundred years back in the scenic town of Kargil in the Indian state

The Serai Chikmagalur: Lie Back and Experience Life

The Serai Chikmagalur

It was by chance that Simon & Garfunkel were singing 'Slow down, you move too fast, You got to make the morning last' through my I-pod as the Serai guest van drove through the verdant green gates. I was instantly hypnotised by the smell of fresh jasmines around my neck and the sandalwood tika that was part of my welcome. This is the only 'traditional' aspect of living at The Serai Chikmagalur. This isn't a traditional hotel, but more like

Rice dishes, a part of Asian traditional cuisines

Different recipes for rice puddings are popular in nearly all parts of the world and are served as dessert. National Rice Pudding day is celebrated on August 9 in the United States by treating friends and family with a mouth-smacking dish of sweetened rice dishes. Though, the origin of it is not known yet. World-over different cultures celebrate their special occasions in their particular way. Apart from customs and rituals, food is an important part of the celebrations. And most of

Wellness amidst wildlife at Aahana resort

At the outset, the one thing about Aahana Resort that got me excited was its location - bang in the middle of tiger territory - surrounded by Jim Corbett National Park. And when I reached the resort well into the night, I was welcomed by the distant moaning of a tiger. I slept with expectation of seeing the kind of the jungle face to face, but as I woke up the next morning, the smell of fresh air (so rare

Treat your sweet tooth with Daulat ki Chaat

While exploring the gali Dariba of Chandni Chowk during winters, the sight of white cloud of cream with a hint of yellow is quite amazing just like sun rays glinting in the vast sky covered with white clouds. For a street food lover, the sight of savouries in the heaven of street food is delighting. The cloud of white cream covered with muslin cloth invites me to taste it. I approach the vendor although a little apprehensive about the dish.

The Chalets: heaven set amidst Himalayan hills

Taking a break from my routine life, I went to explore The Chalets, Naldehra on an invited stay. Tucked almost 22km away from the renowned and now much known as the ‘crowded’ hill station of Shimla, the destination is nothing less than a paradise perched on the hills. ‘The Chalets’ is built on a top of a mountain bed without disturbing the natural landscape, spreading across an area of almost 3 acres with a patch of forest on one end

Visiting the abode of Mirza Ghalib

Manoeuvring past the hustle bustle of Chandni Chowk and reminiscing over the Mughal magnificence and splendour that was once Shahjahanabad, I am reminded of the 19th century poet Mirza Ghalib. Though there have been numerous shopping and eating trips to Chandni Chowk but these never extended beyond Nai Sarak. This time keen to visit the abode of Ghalib, with his couplet in heart, “Woh aaye ghar mein hamaare khuda ki kudrat hai, Kabhee hum unko, kabhee apne ghar ko dekhte

Explore the beauty of erotica at Khajuraho temples

The ancient tourist attraction and the archaeological site, Khajuraho is known for different patterns of art and temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Jain patriarchs. The place dates back to the rich and glorified period of 9th to 11th centuries that it had witnessed during the period of Chandella dynasty. Khajuraho located right in the heart of central India in the state of Madhya Pradesh was one of the capitals of the Chandela kings, who had adorned it with

The lost treasures of Rajasthan: Churu, havelis and Malji—Day 3

It was a cool Monday morning. My train scheduled for noon, I wanted to satiate my quest to see Churu a bit more. Luckily, everything in this town within walking distance, an hour’s walk can be a revelation. So I began my day with a short prayer at the Shiva temple around the corner from Malji Ka Kamra. Even the ambience of the temple varies from city to city. This was a small temple in a lane, made up of

The lost treasures of Rajasthan: Churu, havelis and Malji—Day 2

It was a lovely Churu morning, a sky so clear and blue that my first thought was of merging with it. I watched the eagles soar high, high, coming down, right above my head, I ducked and they flew away. Ah! The pleasure of being under the open sky and the day had a lot more to offer, as our guide Lal Singh and host Deepak Balan had informed us. Before going for a walk around Ramgarh, the sister town