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The Ruhaniyat of Rivayat with Ummrao, Mumbai

Malihabad Kakori The story goes something like this - sometime in the late 19th century, Nawab Syed Mohammad Haider Kazmi, Lucknow’s local aristocrat hosted a lavish banquet for his British friend, during the mango season. A snooty British official ridiculed the coarse texture of what were considered the kebabs in Lucknow. Offenders, the Nawab ordered his rakabdars and khansamas to recreate the softest and finest seekh kebabs. After ten days of rigorous experimentations and trials, what came out of the kitchen lives as a legend even today. Centuries

Appenzeller Cheese: a taste of Swiss tradition

Just like its majestic Alps and lip-smacking chocolates, cows and cheese are yet other symbols associated with Switzerland. The latter reflects the age-old traditions and culture of the Swiss.  Cows grazing on the lush green alpine meadows, their wholesome milk enriched by the rich variety of flora and the flavoursome cheese wheels that are dished out from dairies are a slice of the vibrant gastronomical culture of the country.  Legacy of cheese making Cheesemaking in Switzerland is believed to have existed

Slow Living At Te Aroha, Dhanachuli

Work, for someone who is an independent writer, is like the mythical tail of Hanuman - it really never seems to get over! And in times like these, when one gets tired of living life on roller blades, a weekend getaway to somewhere you can just prop your feet up, can recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your soul. Love, Lovingly Te Aroha in Dhanachuli is one such place. A few kilometres ahead of Mukteshwar, Dhanachuli is a hamlet that is the microcosm of

The Serai Chikmagalur: Lie Back and Experience Life

The Serai Chikmagalur

It was by chance that Simon & Garfunkel were singing 'Slow down, you move too fast, You got to make the morning last' through my I-pod as the Serai guest van drove through the verdant green gates. I was instantly hypnotised by the smell of fresh jasmines around my neck and the sandalwood tika that was part of my welcome. This is the only 'traditional' aspect of living at The Serai Chikmagalur. This isn't a traditional hotel, but more like

Ambassador of Turkey to India hosted high tea

The Ambassador of Turkey to India, H.E. Mr Şakir Özkan Torunlar, hosted a High Tea for members of the Indian tourism and economy media at his official residence in New Delhi recently. The informal meet and greet session was organised to acknowledge the media for their ongoing support to Turkey and apprise them on current tourism statistics and trends between both the countries. The High Tea at the ambassador’s residence was an extravagant occasion giving a peek of Turkish culture,

Top places for a luxurious stay in Kashmir

Kashmir is not called the heaven on earth without a reason. As soon as you land, the place also called the 'Venice of the East' will entice you with its fragrant air. Its expanses of placid lakes, rapid rivers, rolling meadows, immaculate flowering gardens, and the chinar (maple) tree that reflects the changing seasons from the fresh green of spring to the russets of autumn that are shed for winter - tugs at the eyes and heart-strings of the beholder. We

Pollachi – Beyond Tender Coconut

As I woke up one morning and swept aside the curtains, a breathtaking view of a tea garden was laid in front of me. The sun was slowly moving up the horizon and the tea leaves still had dewdrops on them, the mist was all around and there was a proper nip in the air. As I was enjoying my cup of morning tea, after a round of photography and a nature walk in the plantation, the spell cast of

Let Go of All Your Work and Travel like a Free Bird

A simple word ‘Travel’ ignites energy within us. Thinking about leaving all the stressful work behind and exploring a new place makes us feel excited at once. Eagerly people wait for the long week to get over so that they could pack their bags, call their travelling buddies and head out to experience a new adventure. The world is full of amazing places. No matter how many of them you cover, still plenty of are yet to be explored. Every country

Five places to stay in Ladakh

The Himalayan dry and cold desert of Ladakh has a stark beauty about it. The region has something to offer to everyone, from leisure seekers to adventure junkies, history buff, architecture enthusiasts, nature lovers and more. We have cherry-picked five properties in Ladakh that will ensure a memorable and unique stay experience in this beautiful mountain kingdom. 1. WelcomHeritage Lha-ri-sa Resort Located in the thick of mountains and divine nature is our property, WelcomHeritage Lha-ri-sa Resort, Ladakh. Encompassed with the beauty