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The Ruhaniyat of Rivayat with Ummrao, Mumbai

Malihabad Kakori The story goes something like this - sometime in the late 19th century, Nawab Syed Mohammad Haider Kazmi, Lucknow’s local aristocrat hosted a lavish banquet for his British friend, during the mango season. A snooty British official ridiculed the coarse texture of what were considered the kebabs in Lucknow. Offenders, the Nawab ordered his rakabdars and khansamas to recreate the softest and finest seekh kebabs. After ten days of rigorous experimentations and trials, what came out of the kitchen lives as a legend even today. Centuries

Appenzeller Cheese: a taste of Swiss tradition

Just like its majestic Alps and lip-smacking chocolates, cows and cheese are yet other symbols associated with Switzerland. The latter reflects the age-old traditions and culture of the Swiss.  Cows grazing on the lush green alpine meadows, their wholesome milk enriched by the rich variety of flora and the flavoursome cheese wheels that are dished out from dairies are a slice of the vibrant gastronomical culture of the country.  Legacy of cheese making Cheesemaking in Switzerland is believed to have existed

Kheer: The Legendary Food for Gods


What happens when creamy milk assimilates the rice grains boiling on a low flame for hours, with trailing saffron threads imparting a lovely hue, swirling with a dash of cardamom? Garnished with slivers of almonds and rose petals, it transforms into a sweet temptation impossible to resist called kheer. No wonder the Gods love it! Kheer or Kshirika in Sanskrit is the food for Gods. It is first mentioned as kheer made with jowar, in Padmavat the epic poem written by

Get Raw: Reviewing Four Raw Pressery Flavours

If you regularly read The Humming Notes, you may have already noticed that we are a fan of all things natural. And this season, there is a definite affinity we are feeling towards juicy summer fruits. There is no better way to stay healthy, hydrated and cool in this heat than naturally sweet fruits. While I am personally not such a fan of fruit juices - I prefer eating the fruits whole - but when I got a call from

Paan Kulfi to Kill the Heat

From using it in prayers and religious ceremonies to eating it in the form of a 'paan', betel leaves are an essential part of Indian culture. Actually, not just India, but paan is consumed and relished in many Asian countries (and sometimes in other parts of the world, such as South Americas). Obviously, tobacco is not beneficial to health, but combined with aniseed, gulkand, supari and a variety of mouth fresheners and digestives, a melt-in-the-mouth paan is just what the

A slice of Bengali cuisine

If one were to really talk about the USP or defining a feature of Bengali cuisine - it would certainly be in the paradoxical tastes that define it. Typical Bengali cuisine is an amalgamation of the hot and the spicy - the jhal and the mishti. The richness of food is more to do with the style of preparation and the subtle use of spices. The essence of Bengali cooking is delicately balanced between the main ingredients and its seasoning.

Jackfruit – Kerala’s own fruit

You can call it a fruit as well as vegetable as it is eaten both in raw as well as cooked form, jackfruit known as 'kathal' is indigenous to the Indian soil and grows in abundance in the southern part of the country. Recently, the state of Kerala has declared Jackfruit as its official fruit. Many believed that the tropical and sub-tropical tree remained underrated for many years, but the tree is now getting its due. Jackfruit has immense potential,

Way Back With Waffles at Wafl

Not many know that waffles - or the first version of these - were actually communion wafers or bread - the batter was poured into moulds depicting Jesus's crucifixion. Some other waffle irons (that actually first appeared in 13th-14th centuries) had emblems from the Bible on them. Waffles became commonplace in France and Belgium in the 15th and 16th centuries. The wheat-based and particularly the sugar-sweetened varieties, while present throughout Europe, were prohibitively expensive for all but the royalty and the

JW Marriott’s Playground, the newest speakeasy destination in town

Set in the buzzing social stronghold of Aerocity, Playground at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity brings to the table an expansive social lounge, a quirky Food Truck and introduces the city’s most chic and exclusive speakeasy, all under one roof. Walking across the open-air foyer, you enter a world so different, that one is mesmerised by the beauty of the glass facades that create a striking contrast with colourful pop art that adorns the in-house food truck. Yogesh Saini, the brain