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Ambassador of Turkey to India hosted high tea

The Ambassador of Turkey to India, H.E. Mr Şakir Özkan Torunlar, hosted a High Tea for members of the Indian tourism and economy media at his official residence in New Delhi recently. The informal meet and greet session was organised to acknowledge the media for their ongoing support to Turkey and apprise them on current tourism statistics and trends between both the countries. The High Tea at the ambassador’s residence was an extravagant occasion giving a peek of Turkish culture,

Pollachi – Beyond Tender Coconut

As I woke up one morning and swept aside the curtains, a breathtaking view of a tea garden was laid in front of me. The sun was slowly moving up the horizon and the tea leaves still had dewdrops on them, the mist was all around and there was a proper nip in the air. As I was enjoying my cup of morning tea, after a round of photography and a nature walk in the plantation, the spell cast of

A show of love and care at Periyar Elephant Reserve, Kerala

Periyar Elephant Reserve, Kerala

We are a group of old Air Force friends from Hyderabad and two of us are from Kerela. Apart from them, none of us had ever been to the Deep South, so a trip to God’s own Country was very much on the cards this year. Upon reaching Cochin, we saw the roaring Athirapally falls on the Chalakudy river and spent a quiet evening in the gloriously green Munnar. Later we drove into Thekkady, where the big attraction is the

Summer Travel: All Eyes on Nainital

There is a reason why despite the throngs of tourists that visit Nainital, one of India’s most quaint hill stations, it remains popular amongst those looking to escape the heat of the plains. Make that several reasons, actually! Located at an altitude of approximately 2,084 meters above the sea level, the town is located alongside the foothills of the Kumaon region of the outer Himalayas. Its various natural attractions and favourable climate all year round make it a quick getaway or an

Walking With Elephants at Sakrebyle Elephant Camp

The importance that elephants hold in the history, folklore and mythology of India is huge. Especially in South India, elephants are an integral part of the culture and traditions. This time when you go down south, go beyond visiting the temple elephants - that have been reduced to rather pitiable conditions, actually. Instead, go over to the Sakrebyle Elephant camp, where the pachyderms are loved and pampered. This unusual shelter-cum-training camp is about 14km from Shimoga on the Shimoga Thirthahalli road. The

Best Birdwatching Spots In and Near Delhi

I discovered birdwatching as a child - when my grandfather would take me to the bird hospital in Old Delhi - almost every month - to feed the birds. I won't say it became a hobby that consumed me as hobbies should, but it made me understand that it was a hobby that helped you appreciate nature and the skill of the Creator - in the way he added colours to feathers. Later on, it made me realise that it

Get Wings – Tips from Female Travellers

The travel industry website Skift dubbed 2017 “the year of the modern female traveller,” and Conde Nast Traveler recently reported that solo female travel is more popular than ever. So while you pack your bags and zero in on your next vacation destination for 2018, here are some frequent travellers, who happen to be women☺, that tell you what to remember to make it easy peasy! 1. Nausheen Tareen, PR Professional and Lifestyle Writer "As someone who has travelled a lot alone,

Detox Your Vacation with Wellness Tourism in Igatpuri

Vipasana Centre, Igatpuri

Traditionally, travelling meant exploring new places, discovering new locations and indulging in vivid cuisines. However, in today’s era, travel and travellers have evolved with tourists from across the globe looking to experience unique and offbeat. One of the new trends is of Wellness Tourism, which offers a blend of natural therapies, yoga, meditation, a perfect option for corporates, domestic and foreign travellers. Blessed with scenic beauty, Igatpuri is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. It has a few tallest peaks

Postcards from Bird Watching Excursion in Pollachi

I was recently in Pollachi in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. A quaint small town with many layers to it, known for the largest size of the tender coconut in the country, the Anamalai Temple, the Temple of Consciousness, an unusual school called Nachiar and more. But what stayed with me for longer is the bird watching trip to the Anamalai Tiger Reserve. An early morning excursion to spot some amazing birds which include species endemic to the Malabar region as well

Jaipur Glitters with ‘Night Tourism’ Project

Jaipur, the crown jewel of the princely state of Rajasthan, known for the historical monuments and rich folk culture is now set to become one of the first cities in the country to promote 'night tourism'. The Government of Rajasthan is working towards promoting night tourism in most cities, starting with its state capital, Jaipur. As part of this project, several places of cultural, historical and tourist interest, including Amber Palace, Albert Hall, Hawa Mahal and more recently Vidyadhar Ka