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Congo – the unexplored travellers’ delight in Africa

The Republic of Congo or Congo Republic is a country located in the heart of the African continent. It was known as the French Congo till it gained its independence on August 16, 1960. It is the second largest country in the mainland in terms of area. It is the fourth largest oil producer in the Gulf of Guinea, but because of unequal distribution of the revenue earned, it remains backward in terms of many things. The Congo Republic has been

International Youth Day, to the torchbearers of future

The people between the age group of 15-24 years are defined as youth by the United Nations. Most of them belong to developing countries, and their number is increasing steeply every year. It was in 1991 that the idea to have an international youth day was presented by youngsters gathered in Vienna, Austria during the first session of the United Nation’s World Youth Forum. The youth forum wanted one day in a year to be dedicated to the youth for

Facts about Al-Qaeda you should know

Al-Qaeda which means ‘The Base’ or ‘The Foundation’, was created on August 11, 1988, by Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azam, and several other Arab volunteers. It is a militant Sunni Islamist global organisation. It operates through a network all over the world and consists of Salafi jihadist and Islamic extremists. Since it came into existence, it has targeted both civil and military targets in countries around the world- the deadliest amongst them being the U.S. embassy bombings in 1998, the

The Indian Lion – nature’s most majestic creation

The celebration of August 10 as World Lion Day was started by Big Cat Rescue sanctuary near Tampa, Florida in the United States of America. Big Cat Rescue is the world’s largest accredited sanctuary dedicated to the majestic feline. The aim is to raise awareness about the declining number of lions and the need for it to be placed on the endangered animals list. To celebrate World Lion Day, people can join in to pay tribute to the king of the

9 books every travel enthusiast should read

August 9 is celebrated as the Book Lovers Day across the world. While the day’s origins may be shrouded in mystery and rumor, the books themselves are not. Started from carving on stone tablets, the book was designed to make portable the writings and drawings of those that could not carry around stone tablets. On this Book Lovers Day, we list 9 books that every traveller must read at least once in their lifetime. 1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho A story about

Rice dishes, a part of Asian traditional cuisines

Different recipes for rice puddings are popular in nearly all parts of the world and are served as dessert. National Rice Pudding day is celebrated on August 9 in the United States by treating friends and family with a mouth-smacking dish of sweetened rice dishes. Though, the origin of it is not known yet. World-over different cultures celebrate their special occasions in their particular way. Apart from customs and rituals, food is an important part of the celebrations. And most of

10 highlights of the Quit India Movement

The Quit India Movement or the August Movement was launched by Mahatma Gandhi on August 8, 1942. It was a Civil Disobedience Movement to gain independence from British rule. This movement was Gandhiji’s call to the British to withdraw from India. Some notable highlights of the Quit India Movement are as follows: • After the Second World War began in 1939 with Britain and Germany pitted against each other, India too became a part of this war being an important British colony.

10 facts about Hiroshima bombing you must know

Japanese time 8.16 am, the first atomic bomb dropped on the city of Hiroshima by American bombers on August 6, 1945. After the Japanese refused to the Potsdam Conference’s demand for unconditional surrender, US President Harry S. Truman decided to use the atom bomb on Japan to end the war. According to him, this would prevent an even greater loss of life if the U.S. attacked Japan. Today on Hiroshima Day, we bring ten facts that have gone down in history about

High-speed railway link between Beijing and Tianjin

The high-speed intercity railway link between Beijing and Tianjin was opened on August 01, 2008. The inauguration was timed to coincide with the Olympic games. When it opened, it set the record for the fastest commuter rail system in the world. The travel time between these two cities of Northern China was cut down from seventy minutes to thirty minutes. The second phase of this 2006-10 plan by the Chinese Ministry of Railways saw the extension of this line from Tianjin

Munshi Premchand, father of modern hindi literature

Munshi Premchand, one of the greatest literary figures of modern Hindi literature was born on July 31, 1880. Premchand was born in a small village Lamhi, near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. His name was Dhanpat Rai. He lost his mother at a very young age and was brought up by his grandmother. But after his grandmother died, his father remarried. His stepmother did not love him, and Premchand grew up missing his mother. This loneliness led him to fiction in which