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Treatments to opt for to get rid of scars

Think of the skin as a really expensive garment that covers your body. Any tear, mark or stain does take away from the overall beauty of the skin. While scars and marks are definitely battle trophies, but they can also mar your looks and in some cases, become itchy, painful or unsightly. This is when they need to be treated or reduced. I say 'reduced' and not 'removed' because a 100 per cent clearance is not possible, no matter what

Colorbar Color Circus Lipstick Review

Red lips are always in. Personally, I am always on the lookout for quirky shades - Yes, I don't go for the black and blues and greens - but I do love experimenting with the reds and pinks. So when Colorbar launched its Color Circus collection, I was one of the first few to go check out the colours. And I truly felt like a kid in a circus! Such bright shades all around! Colorbar unveiled its all-new Color Circus

International Beer Day Special: Benefits of Beer

History is testimony to the fact that many great men were fond of hops and grains and the brew called beer. Plato, Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln were all partial to it. The brew is an immensely popular drink in many countries. Only water and tea are more preferred drinks over it. And it is a partial myth that beer is a reason for pot-bellied and obese people. It has a lot of nutritional value as well despite it being a mild-alcoholic beverage because

Five DIY Bathing Beauty Essentials

There is always an upside to bathing in exotic-smelling shower gels or Cleopatra-inspired body oils or anoint yourself with myriad fragrances. The downside, of course, is the huge carbon footprint you leave behind as you step out of your shower when using chemical bathing products. Not to mention the annual dent in your finances. What if we told you making your own bath care products was easier than you thought? Well, all you need is some patience and these instructions...and

Top five perfumes for the season

French lace, good wine and a cruise - if these are your ideas of luxury, we would like to add five new covetable items to your list. A true glamazon's boudoir is never complete without a good luxury fragrance. Here is our verdict on the five newest perfumes to spread their fragrances. At least one of these must make it to your shopping list from your overseas trip (simply because they are not available in India). 1. Viktor & Rolf Bon

Address all Your Skin Woes with Summer Scrubbing

Besides the heat and dryness, summer months also bring many skincare challenges. Overexposure to the sun does not mean just tanning. It also means dullness and additional dryness. “Dry skin means dead skin cells. Dead skin cells mean dull skin. Take care of both by making scrubbing a part of your weekly skincare routine,” says dermatologist Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra. Dehydrated, dull, rough and prone to breakouts - that is how even the softest skin begins to feel as soon as the

Lift your Spirits Higher during Ramazan with Yoga

Marjari Yoga Asana

Exercising in Ramazan is considered impossible. The fasting requires one not to partake in anything including water from dawn to dusk. So the question arises how can one exercise in a condition where even water is not allowed? Rekha Soni, yoga consultant and trainer says practising moderate yoga consisting of some breathing exercises and simple stretching exercises can actually prove a boon to the body during Ramazan. Some yoga asanas during the fasting hours are beneficial for the body, internally

Overcoming Summer Woes with Oil-free Makeup

The battle of oily skin in summers is an arduous one. And the constant heavy shine on one's face make us wash it so often that we actually end up doing more damage. "Over-cleansing actually dehydrates skin, signalling your body to produce more oil," says Dr Kiran Lohia, Dermatologist. If oil is bad to eat, it looks worse on your face! Scientists the world over are developing makeup to achieve shine-free complexion. If you're battling breakouts, perhaps your makeup and lack

Summer fashion tips 2018 by Shehla Khan

A reflection of my rendezvous with fashion, design and everything else enroute, is my label Shehlaa that instinctively gravitates towards my own personal style. With a strong backbone of in-house production, the intricacy of craft, acquired skills, and distinctive aesthetic, I would like to believe these facets translate into each of my creations. This year, like any other year, my designs are inspired by my travels with an emphasis on Parisian elements. The signature style has become synonymous with the interplay of pastels and the inclusion of deep hues

Naturma From Eden – Organic Evening Primrose Oil Baby Shampoo

There is no doubt about the happiness a bunch of fresh flowers can bring to anyone. It is a well-known fact (thanks to increasing awareness about Ayurveda and natural body care) that many flowers also have several health benefits - internally as well as externally. In present times, the movement towards nature-inspired personal care has meant that flower petals, seed extracts, and oils are popping up in everything from not just makeup products but also intensive beauty treatments and luxurious