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Keep Your Skin and Scalp Infection-Free This Monsoon

Monsoon is a tough season for our skin and hair. The infections are rife in the air and the pollution and weather fluctuations only add to the problems of looking and feeling good.Scalp infection, breakouts on the face (or even back and chest and upper arms), body rashes, fungus on your feet - are common issues that flare up in the rainy and humid season. But you can take the following easy precautions to prevent such infections. 1.  Your hair scalp becomes unhealthy and dirty during the monsoon season. Use

Treatments to opt for to get rid of scars

Think of the skin as a really expensive garment that covers your body. Any tear, mark or stain does take away from the overall beauty of the skin. While scars and marks are definitely battle trophies, but they can also mar your looks and in some cases, become itchy, painful or unsightly. This is when they need to be treated or reduced. I say 'reduced' and not 'removed' because a 100 per cent clearance is not possible, no matter what

Colorbar Color Circus Lipstick Review

Red lips are always in. Personally, I am always on the lookout for quirky shades - Yes, I don't go for the black and blues and greens - but I do love experimenting with the reds and pinks. So when Colorbar launched its Color Circus collection, I was one of the first few to go check out the colours. And I truly felt like a kid in a circus! Such bright shades all around! Colorbar unveiled its all-new Color Circus

Address all Your Skin Woes with Summer Scrubbing

Besides the heat and dryness, summer months also bring many skincare challenges. Overexposure to the sun does not mean just tanning. It also means dullness and additional dryness. “Dry skin means dead skin cells. Dead skin cells mean dull skin. Take care of both by making scrubbing a part of your weekly skincare routine,” says dermatologist Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra. Dehydrated, dull, rough and prone to breakouts - that is how even the softest skin begins to feel as soon as the

Overcoming Summer Woes with Oil-free Makeup

The battle of oily skin in summers is an arduous one. And the constant heavy shine on one's face make us wash it so often that we actually end up doing more damage. "Over-cleansing actually dehydrates skin, signalling your body to produce more oil," says Dr Kiran Lohia, Dermatologist. If oil is bad to eat, it looks worse on your face! Scientists the world over are developing makeup to achieve shine-free complexion. If you're battling breakouts, perhaps your makeup and lack

Take care of your skin post workout

Gym workout gives you good health, body confidence and fitness. There is no reason why it should damage your good looks. Don’t be confused – we are only referring to your beauty regime after your gym session. If you want to ensure that your skin looks beautiful and feels great, there had better be one. From taking showers to applying the right products, there’s a lot you can do to maximise the benefits of your workout on your skin and

Mask On with Just B Au Naturel Pink Clay Mask

Come the hot weather and it is the perfect time to chill with a cooling mask or two. Personally, I am a huge mask junkie - it is so easy to multitask with just a mask on. So when I was sent a sample of Just B Au Naturel's French Pink Clay Mask, my mask-lover self was doing cartwheels. Products placed on our skin have direct entry into the bloodstream, whereas the food we ingest is first metabolised by the liver.

Review – The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel

Who doesn't like a fresh floral bouquet? Flowers are not good just for your senses, but as research (and history) show, flowers are also great for the skin. Eons after Ayurveda, the Greeks, the Egyptians and several civilisations have used them for beauty rituals. And roses have been favoured in all cultures and civilisations. There is something about the heady smell of roses that is both calming and exciting. Even though I have never really been a fan of the smell

Alanna Rose and Geranium Face and Body Soap review

I must say I have something for handmade soaps. Nothing leaves me weaker in the knees than a soft and creamy bar of handmade soap. So when I was sent a sample of Alanna's Rose and Geranium Face and Body Soap, I was rather excited at the prospect of letting out my inner Cleopatra all over again. The outer paper packaging for this soap (Rs 175 for 100gms) was just so tastefully elegant - an off-white with a drawing of the

Product Review: Forest Essentials Under Eye Serum

Paeans and odes uncountable have been written to celebrate the beauty of eyes - the twin windows to an individual's soul. Poetry aside, the drudgery and hard work of real life do tend to take the sparkle out of the eyes rather often and cloak them in darkness. There! I am getting poetic about something as irritating as dark circles, under-eye bags and so on. I am thankfully not that bothered about dark circles, but the first sign that my