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International Beer Day Special: Benefits of Beer

History is testimony to the fact that many great men were fond of hops and grains and the brew called beer. Plato, Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln were all partial to it. The brew is an immensely popular drink in many countries. Only water and tea are more preferred drinks over it. And it is a partial myth that beer is a reason for pot-bellied and obese people. It has a lot of nutritional value as well despite it being a mild-alcoholic beverage because

Lift your Spirits Higher during Ramazan with Yoga

Marjari Yoga Asana

Exercising in Ramazan is considered impossible. The fasting requires one not to partake in anything including water from dawn to dusk. So the question arises how can one exercise in a condition where even water is not allowed? Rekha Soni, yoga consultant and trainer says practising moderate yoga consisting of some breathing exercises and simple stretching exercises can actually prove a boon to the body during Ramazan. Some yoga asanas during the fasting hours are beneficial for the body, internally

Watermelon: the Elixir of Summer

Watermelon can easily quench the summer thirst. The fruit is particularly popular in the hot, dry regions of north India - even though it is widely available almost all through the year in other parts of India. Watermelon is botanically identified as Citrullus vulgaris is believed to have been a native of tropical Africa. The fruit is known in Hindi as Tharbhuj or Tarbuz. This fruit is large and can achieve a diameter of even 20 inches! The bottle green outer

World Health Day Special: Dance as a stress buster

You sway or move, walk or stand, shake or still – one thing that binds it all is DANCE! Being the primordial form of expression that the humans have been gifted as an Inbuilt system. Then why few don’t dance? Is that your question? Because we live in a society where connecting to your inner strengths & treasure has become an uphill task with numerous distractions served in a plate for you: Gadgets, self-inflicting disgrace, doubts, urge to learn skills

Menopause Care: Things to Remember!

Every woman faces the time in their lives which marks the end of menstrual cycles. It can be tiring and irritative as your body goes through a lot of changes. Menopause! The word which refers to the natural process of stopping of the menstrual cycle that occurs at the end of the reproductive years in women. Most women tend to reach menopause around 40-50 years of age. However, nowadays one can see premature menopause take place which needs more attention than often provided. Nutritionist

Weekly detox is the key to slay this festive season

The best bit about the festive season is the food and drinks, but they also come with a lot of unwanted weight and fat gain. Right from Diwali to Christmas to New Years' and Lohri, with several weddings, parties and soirees, most of us indulge ourselves a bit much during the season of celebrations. But if we want to look and feel our best for the many do's that dot our social calendar, it is important to strike the right

Success stories: How yoga helps celebrities stay fit

Being a celebrity means having to follow a strict fitness regime to stay in shape. But apart from helping celebrities look and feel good on camera, exercise also helps build stamina to keep them going during the long hours of work. Practising mind and body wellness are essential to celebrities, and many pay tribute to yoga for helping improve their overall wellbeing. Below are five celebrities that attribute their success to yoga. Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin in his 50s was a bit overweight,

Terra chips: Gluten free indulgence

We all love to snack, anytime and anywhere. These are our saviour in the times of need and if you can get hold on a snack that is not just super tasty but gluten-free then nothing like it. Cocktail parties, group studies, kitty parties or general get-togethers, chips always find a way into all these places and several more occasions. I recently tried the Exotic vegetable chips by TERRA and one word to describe my experience is ‘different’. Born in New York

Don’t Die Dieting, Understand the Basics

The dictionary defines DIET as the kind of food that one restricts themselves to, or habitually eats, either to lose weight, gain weight, or for certain medical purposes. Hence, the basic premise is that a dieting plan simply describes what one consumes in terms of food and drink, as a way of life, and not necessarily to curb the appetite. In the urban scenario of our modern world – the word ‘diet’ has been grossly misinterpreted. It has largely become a

Easy and healthy low-fat breakfast options

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast,” said John Gunther. This is very true, because refuelling oneself with a nice, healthy, leisurely breakfast in the morning, leads to a happy body and mind – as it provides the essential nutrition required to help kick-start our day with. There are also several studies to suggest that skipping breakfast tends to make high-calorie food seem more appealing later in the day, which may lead to an unhealthy intake of calorie-rich food. The ideal breakfast