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Watermelon: the Elixir of Summer

Watermelon can easily quench the summer thirst. The fruit is particularly popular in the hot, dry regions of north India - even though it is widely available almost all through the year in other parts of India. Watermelon is botanically identified as Citrullus vulgaris is believed to have been a native of tropical Africa. The fruit is known in Hindi as Tharbhuj or Tarbuz. This fruit is large and can achieve a diameter of even 20 inches! The bottle green outer

World Health Day Special: Dance as a stress buster

You sway or move, walk or stand, shake or still – one thing that binds it all is DANCE! Being the primordial form of expression that the humans have been gifted as an Inbuilt system. Then why few don’t dance? Is that your question? Because we live in a society where connecting to your inner strengths & treasure has become an uphill task with numerous distractions served in a plate for you: Gadgets, self-inflicting disgrace, doubts, urge to learn skills

Take care of your skin post workout

Gym workout gives you good health, body confidence and fitness. There is no reason why it should damage your good looks. Don’t be confused – we are only referring to your beauty regime after your gym session. If you want to ensure that your skin looks beautiful and feels great, there had better be one. From taking showers to applying the right products, there’s a lot you can do to maximise the benefits of your workout on your skin and

Spa review, Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur

Imagine a wellness retreat bang in the middle of a buzzing futuristic metropolis. Now imagine a luxuriously appointed room smelling of roses and fresh rain. An urban oasis of calm awaits in the vibrant heart of Malaysia’s capital city. The Spa Village Kuala Lumpur is a doorway to the kaleidoscope of healing traditions available in Spa Village Kuala Lumpur is an extension of the Spa Village brand which has gained worldwide recognition for its diverse range of treatments. Unique to

Mask On with Just B Au Naturel Pink Clay Mask

Come the hot weather and it is the perfect time to chill with a cooling mask or two. Personally, I am a huge mask junkie - it is so easy to multitask with just a mask on. So when I was sent a sample of Just B Au Naturel's French Pink Clay Mask, my mask-lover self was doing cartwheels. Products placed on our skin have direct entry into the bloodstream, whereas the food we ingest is first metabolised by the liver.

Review – The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel

Who doesn't like a fresh floral bouquet? Flowers are not good just for your senses, but as research (and history) show, flowers are also great for the skin. Eons after Ayurveda, the Greeks, the Egyptians and several civilisations have used them for beauty rituals. And roses have been favoured in all cultures and civilisations. There is something about the heady smell of roses that is both calming and exciting. Even though I have never really been a fan of the smell

Actor Kalki Koechlin Collaborates With Hidesign

As much as she is known for her offbeat roles, Kalki Koechlin is also admired for her modern style statements. Taking her style sensibilities forward, the actor has collaborated with accessories brand Hidesign to launch a capsule collection inspired by her unique style. Designed in collaboration with Hidesign’s founder Dilip Kapur, with a close direction from Kalki on the aesthetic she envisioned for each bag, the collection comprises of everything from fun everyday backpacks to chic party bags. When Hidesign decided

Alanna Rose and Geranium Face and Body Soap review

I must say I have something for handmade soaps. Nothing leaves me weaker in the knees than a soft and creamy bar of handmade soap. So when I was sent a sample of Alanna's Rose and Geranium Face and Body Soap, I was rather excited at the prospect of letting out my inner Cleopatra all over again. The outer paper packaging for this soap (Rs 175 for 100gms) was just so tastefully elegant - an off-white with a drawing of the

Menopause Care: Things to Remember!

Every woman faces the time in their lives which marks the end of menstrual cycles. It can be tiring and irritative as your body goes through a lot of changes. Menopause! The word which refers to the natural process of stopping of the menstrual cycle that occurs at the end of the reproductive years in women. Most women tend to reach menopause around 40-50 years of age. However, nowadays one can see premature menopause take place which needs more attention than often provided. Nutritionist

Shaheen Abbas’s five jewellery trends for 2018

"You are an eye catcher! There is no reason your jewellery shouldn't be eye-catching!" For jewellery designer Shaheen Abbas, a gift of the gab is easy. She is married to a pioneer of radio jockeying in India - Roshan Abbas. But that is not Shaheen's claim to fame. She is a jewellery designer of repute and owns her own label, patronised by the who's who of Indian fashion. Growing up in a jewellery-loving family, renowned jewellery designer Shaheen Abbas’ interest in the art of