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Celebrate World Environment Day with Sunar

The theme of World Environment Day for 2016 is ‘Go Wild for Wildlife’. While the key celebrations this year are hosted by Angola, a country seeking to restore its biodiversity-rich wildlife, Sunar Jewellers, a leading jewellery hub in Karol Bagh, in the heart of Delhi has come up with a unique collection that celebrated flora and fauna in the various bounties of nature that manifest in precious metals and stones. Here’s presenting some of our favourite pieces from  Sunar’s Nature Collection.

The collection is priced from Rs 20-50 lakhs.

IMAGE 1 (1)See the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower. Flowers are the most common motifs that inspire the very idea of adornment.

IMAGE 2Perhaps because a flower blooms for its happiness – with a very profound learning lesson, that we cannot spread happiness till we don’t smile ourselves.

IMAGE 3Talking of happiness, perhaps no other living being in the world is happier than the peacock in welcoming the rains
Image 4The first cooling drops that look so pretty on foliage – like dewdrops
Image 5 (2)… Some call its dance of exultation to be a courting ritual…
IM 6… Some call it vanity..
IM 7but then, there is nothing more magnificent to see a peacock dancing with gay abandon and so gracefully – as it displays its feathers that seem hand-painted by the Maker of us all…

IMAGE 8And this is what inspires the rings, brooches, pendants, bangles and earrings at Sunar – the peacock is a recurring motif in Sunar’s Nature Collection.

IMAGE 9The most beautiful bird is given company by the mythical frog – who seems to provide the chorus and beats to the peacock’s dance.

World Environment Day inspired collection by Sunar
World Environment Day inspired collection by Sunar

View these pieces and more from the collection at SUNAR Jewel House

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New Delhi – 110005
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Text by Aarti Kapur Singh

Images courtesy: Sunar