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Eat and relax at Lodi, the garden restaurant

Lodi-the garden restaurant
Lodi-the garden restaurant

Pleasing greens and the tingling fragrance of floating marigolds welcome you at one of the most highly rated restaurants of Delhi – The Lodi. It enjoys the status of the one and the only garden restaurant of the city and is known for its interiors as well as gratifying outdoor seating. Set in the midst of the historical Lodhi Gardens, the strategic positioning of the restaurant acts as a non-institutional hub for cultural activities.

One must opt for the outdoor seating when planning a romantic dinner as the warm lighting sets the perfect mood. On our recent visit to this pioneer in Delhi’s F&B industry, we met Chef Arvind Bharti who helped us in deciding our menu for the meal. The Lodi is celebrated for the choices of food it offers and the way the place experiments with the food to bring the best of every ingredient.

The Mountain apple with kiwi sour and apricot gingerini were just the right drinks to start our lunch. Mountain apple with kiwi sour stands upto its name with the flavour of green apple blending perfectly with the kiwi. Though, in Apricot Gingerini, we felt that the taste of ginger was overpowering apricot a little. But then, the quinoa salad with fresh asparagus and feta completed that, quinoa is also a great source of protein. One must try this as it is different from the regular salads we often have.

For the main course, we had Gnocchi with farm vegetables and in-house basil pesto & Seasonal vegetables with tarragon and paprika cream with quinoa/saffron rice. Chef Arvind told that the pasta is an in-house product and it melted in the mouth to give a very distinct flavour. And not to forget the garlic bread, which is an ideal partner for pasta.

On the other, the seasonal vegetables with saffron rice had an aroma which makes you ask for more. The tarragon and paprika cream blended perfectly with bell peppers, broccoli and baby corn.

After the herbs and spices, it was time for some desserts. We had Chocolate Mousse, it was mouth filling and ended our meal on a very sweet note.

There is also a small shop inside the restaurant where they sell things like fresh jams, marmalade. The lush botanical ambience and a nice blend of traditional and modern architecture were very soothing.



Text by Daizy Singhal

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