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Explore the ‘seen-less’ before @ Yauatcha, Delhi!

Main-Dining-Area-2-1024x682Are you craving for some extremely good Chinese food? Here is a place where I am sure one would find the complete authentic Chinese palate, with perhaps the perfect flavours to satiate your taste buds! After its gratifying success in Mumbai and Bengaluru, Yauatcha had arrived to the capital Delhi. It is set on the busy floors of Ambience Mall, Vasant Vihar.

As far as ambiance is concerned, the Delhi’s Yauatcha involves simple seating arrangement with set-apart Asian flourishes, dark wood and polished metal. They had placed a long bar towards front-end with few of the major brands on display along with the live DJ set-up to make the dining even more happening. The services are quick and impeccable.

After a long week of grinding ourselves at our respective workplaces, I and a friend decided to check this restaurant. We decided to go for chilled and refreshing beverages, I had asked for Kiwi and Lime Iced Tea and the other one, Lime and Passion iced tea. Both the drinks had a perfect blend of ingredients. The Kiwi taste with just-the-right tinge of lime were easily detectable in the ‘Kiwi and Lime Iced Tea’ whilst the passion fruit iced tea tasted even better with the passion fruit seeds along with the mesmerizing taste of tang. The combination was truly refreshing.

I had always been skeptical about the authentic Szechuan food taste as in most of the places you usually get the Indian version of the Chinese cuisine. However, Yauatcha did a complete justice to the original Chinese savor. Before starting on with the appetizers, the waiter had placed bowls of chilly oil, chilly soya sauce and pickled pineapple on the table. In the menu one may find few of the never-heard before dishes and explore Chinese dishes at their best, with simply the right shades of authenticity.

While scrolling through the list of dim sums which involved all sorts of them- baked, steamed and pan-fried, we had asked for the Chinese cabbage rolls and the Shanghai chicken chive puffs. Both of these dim sums had their own unique flavour. The delicious golden-fried Shanghai chicken chive puffs were delectable round puffs with chicken filling with crispy touch. Whereas the cabbage rolls had the veggies wrapped in the cabbage leaves along with the blend of black bean sauces, lovely aroma and melt-in-mouth freshness. Next came to us was another dimsum named as ‘steamed spicy szechaun chicken’. As the name suggests, the steamed chicken was prepared with the perfect blend of spice which was enough to charge your buds and was mold in the easy and soft texture.

Then came to us were the Braised Tofu Claypot, Kung pao chicken along with the stir fry udon noodle. The braised tofu claypot is a must-try appetizer and it tasted even better along with the stif fry udon noodle. These were authentically made thick noodles. They were stir fried with the fresh veggies and tasted exceptionally good with the addition of lotus root with perfect texture and zest. While the Kung pao chicken had a thick gravy consistency and involved a good volume of peppers and cashews, adding on to the savour!

There were many more interesting dishes at Yauatcha. The place is an ideal retreat for the vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians and a must visit place for all those getting the Chinese lovers of-course! Trust me it’s more fun to have it in authentic manner while using the chop sticks and browsing through the ‘seen-less-before’ menu!


Text and image by Kamya Kandhari

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