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Go bling this raksha bandhan

Bridal Collection from SUNAR  (6)It is that time of the year that celebrates the bond of love, fights, caring, sharing and general madcap-ry with the brothers with a bling. So your bro will be sporting your carefully chosen rakhi. There is no reason why you should not dress up for the occasion too. Fusion is the buzzword this season and while there are no rules (except for not overdoing it!), to wear jewellery, here’s a guide to what you can pair with what.

Ornate Rings

Image Courtesy: Alpana Gujral
Image Courtesy: Alpana Gujral

Knuckle Buster and Midi Rings, Stackable or Multiple Finger Rings, Full Index Finger and Thumb Finger Rings are all trendy. Choose them in colourful gemstones to wear with a solid colour outfit – and wear no bangles then. Just a ring and classy bling earrings.

Dangling earrings

Courtesy Lai Silver Jewellery 2
Image Courtesy: Lai Silver Jewellery
Courtesy Lai Silver Jewellery 1
Image Courtesy: Lai Silver Jewellery










Whether silver or gold, danglers instantly give definition to the face. Choose gems in a contrasting colour to your outfit for maximum impact. And yes, wear just a gold chain if you must, but let just one piece of jewellery do the talking.

Chunky bangles and Kadas

Image courtesy: SUNAR
Image courtesy: SUNAR

Stacking is good too but why make the effort when you can cause a stir with a statement kada or two.

Text by Aarti Kapur Singh