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Go Desi at Desi Roots Kitchen and Bar

Desi Roots Kitchen and Bar, Saket, New Delhi
Desi Roots Kitchen and Bar, Saket, New Delhi

You may have travelled the world, but at the end of the day, comfort food almost always ends up being ghar ka khana. It is this philosophy and desi flavours that are used to conjure up the fare at Desi Roots Kitchen and Bar, situated in Salcon Ras Vilas Mall, Saket (New Delhi). Desi Roots is a unique place serving fusion Indian food with fun ‘firangi’ twist.

The very first thing that hits you is the funky and offbeat interiors. The decor uses many vintage elements of the Indian culture, like the signature household pickle jars, retro wall clocks, tin trunks, milk containers and recycled furniture with a new modern interpretation – almost like home. And now to the food , everything on the menu is a funky interpretation of the Indian classics. I started the evening with a Martini Bianco – that tasted as yum as it was colourful.

Mutton Gosht with Malabar Parantha
Mutton Gosht with Malabar Parantha

I opted for a Mutton Gosht with a Malabar Parantha, a traditional Kerala preparation, which was in one word, sublime. Outside of Karim’s Jama-masjid this is one place you should try this dish out on your next visit.

Monk Purana - a lovely concoction
Monk Purana – a lovely concoction

The second cocktail I sampled was a Monk Purana – a quirky name – and an even quirkier explosion of Caribbean flavours mixed with a desi tangyness. I am not going to tell you what it was – try it and figure if you can guess the ingredients. This citrusy cocktail was served in a retro-style glass bottle – just like tharra!

I dug my fingers in the Pullao – inspired by the rich flavours of Marwar – but not brave enough to flare up my taste-buds. I do hope that the chef will add a wee bit more flavour to it. The star dish, however, was the Badam Halwa Baklava served with Shrikhand which was rather nice.

Desi Roots gets full points for creativity and presentation from my side. Great service as well as a nice decor make this a hit with me for a quick bite in Saket.

I would look forward to more quirky dishes and a greater variety in the desi firangi menu!

Where: Ground Floor, Ras Villas Mall, Near Select City Walk Mall, Saket, New Delhi
Cuisines: North Indian, South Indian
Cost: Rs 1400 for two

Review and images by Gursimran Singh
Cover Image by Desi Roots Kitchen & Bar