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Go green: Love Biotique

Biotique meet at Olive Kitchen and BarHave you noticed as you age, your skin doesn’t just develop wrinkles or lose its firmness, but the shape changes as well? Blame it on the loss of skin volume which could be caused by work pressure, heavy makeup or by not getting time to take care of your skin. In such a roller coaster ride life who has time to even think about skin nourishment. Famous for bringing Botanical concept in India, Biotique invited our team and helped us understand the importance of herbs as the main ingredient in our skin products. A blend of proven Ayurvedic therapies and Swiss bio- technology, Biotique is the only brand with 6,500 hotels and 1,00,000 products.

This brand makes sure that the products are just not about the herbs rather it’s about making the herbs more efficient. Generally, our pockets are ripped off in buying cosmetic products, but Biotique specialises in launching reasonable skin products with no damage on the skin.

Biotique meet at Olive Kitchen and Bar 2

Apart from India, it is also talked about in countries like Europe, Japan, Korea and Russia. This renowned brand has also done its magic on the Royal family of Saudi Arabia.

You can buy the products at multi-brand stores such as Big Bazaar, Spencers, Metro and Health& Glow.

After using these natural products, you would definitely feel the change and sense of freshness.

Here we are going to tell you about the two products which have a major fan following:

Biotique Anti-Age Nourishing Cream
Biotique Advanced Anti-Age Nourishing Cream


BXL Cellular Nourishing Cream is a refreshing and brightening formula that penetrates quickly to replenish lost oils and proteins for a younger, smoother appearance. It also helps restore firmness, reduce wrinkles and regenerate radiance with anti- aging naturals.

TO USE: Apply to clean face and neck with upward/ outward strokes until absorbed.

INGREDIENTS: Kesar Stigma, Banhaldi Rhizome, Haldi Rhizome, Pista Oil, Badam Tail and Cream Base.


Mountain Ebony is a precious, magnificently flowering hardwood tree that is prized for its stimulating and healing properties. This serum is blended with pure extracts of mountain ebony, long pepper to promote new and healthy hair growth. It stimulates hair from root to tip and leaves scalp feeling toned and exhilarated.

TO USE: Apply a small amount to dry scalp. Massage it gently in circular motions. Leave on and style as desired.

INGREDIENTS: Kachnar Stem, Pudina Oil, Kusumbhi Oil, Neem Bark, Pippali Fruit, Mulethi Stem and Purified Water Q.S.


Text and images by Saumya Jain

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