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Grab your quickies now

daring-daroga-coverEasy to carry, easy to read, it will fit into your pocket (and your wallet), and still promise an overdose of adventure. The power of a punch, a shot of liquor, the heat of seduction and the thrill of a con – Quickies is a lot of things rolled up into one small, seductive package.

‘Killer in the shadows’- Amit Nangia

‘Killer in the Shadows’ from ‘Daring Daroga’ series by Amit Nangia is repleted with phrases ans syntaxes from a commercial Bollywood success. For a common Bollywood follower it will never be difficult to comprehend the character ‘Abhay Pandey’ is not very far away from the very own Pandey Ji! (well did we hear you saying Salman Khan!) The obvious is further enhanced with the lines from various song of the movies.

The mystery element of the story picks up from the first sentence when a person is found dead in public urinal. And then gradually in a matter of few lines the focus shifts to the protagonist, Naina. Naina, a lawyer has come back from Mumbai (where she was living with her grandmother) to Allahabad (her home town) to unravel and also understand few things of past. She was only six years of age when her parents were murdered one night. The little child since then and now a young woman has undergone complete amnesia. It is only in the form of shadoes that she remembers the killer of that night.There are innumerable instances of attack on her. However, the story takes another turn, when some people start conjecturing that it is the ‘psycho’ Naina who is attracting all the attention by causing the events on her own. The book is set in a Bollywood set up where the drama and the dilemma of a rich family (Chauhans) to a signature name in the political field is also brought into the picture. Things start unfolding in a beautiful manner. And it is totally the due credibility of Amit that the sense of suspense is held till the very end.

Abhay Pandey, the inspector is often too bombarded with his inclination towards the fairer sex.And that becomes too much for the readers at times. However, even before the reader gets critical, it is sure writing skill of Amit Nangia that jolts you with another cue/puzzling cue in the mystery tale.

Read on to find out how the garb of shadows is removed from the face of the culprit. How successful is our daring daroga in this tale?

The Naughty Proposal – Shanaya Taneja


This book from ‘Dark temptation’ series is an erotic novellete, revolving around the lives of the four characters- Tara, Sneha, Dheeraj and Abhimanyu. Gripping the sentiment of the urban folk in an extremely professional manner, Shanaya brings forth an interesting tale, interweaving the characters in a finely knit web of ideas and thought process. Although initially the book may appear similar in content in all the pages, it is definitely the end that draws the attention and makes you sit straight.

Shanaya herself being an advertising professional captures the advertising predicament in Tara with a professional hand, shuttling between the metropolitan of Delhi and Mumbai. It is at one of Sneha’s usual lavish parties that Tara meets Dheeraj and hits it off from there. However, the relationship is based on physical intimacy without any strings of emotion attached. On the other hand, Sneha is living in with Abhimanyu; the relationship going through the usual ups and downs.

The usage of the element of ‘dark temptation’ and its significance in the story makes this fast read a different from its class. It is almost at the end of the tale that renders a unique touch, making the characters and their relations special and different in perspective. Read on to find the twist in the tale that it is truly urban in its spirit.

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by Team THN