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Imagine an island getaway with LIIT festival

LIIT festival
LIIT festival at Hard Rock cafe

Winter is a time we get our woolens out and generally try and keep ourselves warm and cozy. My favourite way to keep warm is by indulging in brandy, cognacs or dark rums. So I was naturally intrigued by the idea of a Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT) Festival, recently organised by Hard Rock Cafe. Traditionally a summer cocktail, I was pleasantly surprised by the twist of taste that the mixologists had given to this summer thirst quencher. Having settled in to some nice rock music in the background I ordered a Double Trouble Long Island Ice tea. It was made to perfection… the cocktail ticked all the right boxes and was a winner!

Double Trouble Long Island Ice tea
Double Trouble Long Island Ice tea

I, then, got adventurous and moved on to ‘The Big Bull Ice tea’ which was again extremely well made by the crew. I would rate this cocktail the 2nd best on their list. For the fairer sex, the ‘Lavender Ice tea’ would find favour with them for its taste and presentation. The ‘Calypso Ice tea’ was not too bad but the mixologist could maybe work its flavour out to make it less citrusy and mellower and I am sure this one would be a hit too.

With over 50,000 LIITs sold each year, the signature LIIT festival at Hard Rock cafe is a must-visit. No better way to raise a toast to the festive spirit than by tasting an exclusive range of 10 new variants of this super hit at your nearest HRC! Do hurry; the festival is on only for a week! I wish I had a bigger capacity to sample all the variants but I am reserving it for my second visit. My verdict – Hard Rock Cafe at Saket is a must-visit if you enjoy classic rock, some amazing LIITs and good night about town.

Text and images by Gursimran Singh