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Innovative hair freezing iron arrives at Pachouli Spa

Featured image_hair freezing ironIt was during a fun afternoon that we, the wellness writers, were introduced to the revolutionary hair freezing iron at the Pachouli Spa and Wellness Destination by the co-owner Preeti Seth. Nowadays, everyone focusses on their looks and grooming. Women, being constantly on scrutiny, are most conscious about their looks and hair play a major role in it. No one likes their hair to be frizzy and unmanageable and using the hot iron causes more harm to the hair than good.

Hair freezing treatment at Pachouli Spa

Often in the wake of styling, we harm our hair and damage the cuticles which lead to hair fall, dryness, loss of shine and frizziness. Treatments such as hair colouring, curling iron, pressing, etc. extract the life out of our hair and leave them looking dull. “Our hair have three phases; Anaphase where the hair grow, Cataphase in which they are conditioned and last, Telophase in which they start falling and breaking out, and we must protect our hair during the Cataphase,” says Preeti Seth, co-owner and Wellness Expert at Pachouli Spa and Wellness Destination.

But the ever-running lifestyle leaves no time to take care of ourselves, and we fall prey to easy solutions. To help you regain the lost shine and sheen, Pachouli Spa and Wellness Destination has introduced an ice-based treatment known as the Hair Freezing Treatment. Priced at Rs. 2,499/- per session, it is first-time in Delhi that such a therapy for hair has been introduced. I decided to try it myself and the results were amazing.

Before and After

In this treatment, the hair cuticles are closed with a freezing iron after a thorough wash and wax application. This is to make sure that the cuticles remain closed for a longer time thus, preventing them from frizz and other environmental damages. I could feel the change in my texture, they became more smooth and shiny for the next few days.

The best part is that the treatment is suitable for all hair kinds, even the coloured ones. To retain the moisture and water content in hair, freezing iron is very beneficial. It locks the cuticles thereby the hair retain the nutrition and water for longer duration and protein gets locked inside the hair.


Text and images by Supriya Aggarwal

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