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Lip-smacking food @ Nom Nom

Nom nomAfter its impressive performance in Mumbai, Smart Global brings its stylish Asian cuisine, NOM NOM to Delhi at the Hotel Ashok.

High roof, dim lighting and soft background music combine to make an alluring ambience. The restaurant boasts of a private dining room, al-fresco dining for Delhi’s winters in the landscaped gardens and the Chinese tea lounge in the verandah. The one thing which will grab your attention is the “dragon swirl” at the center of the restaurant, which curls till the ceiling like the tail of a dragon and offers private tables across various levels. On asking about the concept, owner Dharmesh Karmokar told us that the concept was developed keeping Delhi people in mind, since they like to see themselves at the top of all, thus giving them a shallow view of the place around.

Nom Nom offers authentic Asian cuisines in a sophisticated manner. Designed after careful research, the menu is a combination of Yue, Chuan, Hui, Lu, Min, Su, Xiang and Zhe style of cooking from 23 provinces. The menu is traditional and deeply rooted in age old recipes that have made the asian cuisine popular across the globe. Nom Nom has a separate hot kitchen and cold kitchen and then it has a live counter to serve dishes hot there n then!!

We started the review with mocktail, the Virgin Mojito. A perfect combination of sour and sweet, the beverages was the perfect start. Crispy corns in plum sauce were the first to reach our table, which were truly yummy-licious. The sweet flavour of the dish was perfectly balanced with the spice and tangled the taste buds. Then, we had Paneer pudina with delectable mint flavour; the flavour of slow cooking was exceptional. Home- made momos was our next dish with perfect binding which tasted really good with their two flavors of chutneys, I could not resist myself from asking them to serve more of it and then the list of veggie starters came to an end with lettuce wrapped vegetable tempura , it had perfect blend of veggies filled inside somewhat lacking the  spice which was anyhow balanced when we had it with the chutney.

In the main course, we had Okra potato with hot garlic sauce; tasted perfect with noodles, Tofu in black bean sauce; it had a pungent and sharp flavour that was balanced out by the rice. A perfect vegetarian platter, we must say.

All and all, it was an amazing dining experience, warm service with smile. The place is such that you will want to come here again and again as it is one of the most elegant destinations in town!!

Nom Nom also creates differentiators in entertainment by bringing “chow nights” every Friday with new as well as established talent to play. The name is inspired by ubiquitous chow, from the cult series- the Hangover.

Text by Kamya Kandhari
Cover image by Nom Nom


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