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Meet the real India at Ishana Experience Center

let-the-consecrated-spaces-energize-you-1024x682Tiredness, fatigue, jet-lag, restless sitting hours, exertion, etc. are some of the words are often being connected to the word ‘travel’. We are sure that all of you could relate to atleast one of the above written words. But wait, before you think any further let us take you to a place which is dedicated to transform your whole travel experience. We recently reviewed the Ishana Experience Center located at the International Departure Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International airport, one of the busiest terminals of the world. The most prominent and appreciable thing about this place is that there are no doors to enter Ishana and guests are welcomed with the same enthusiasm and warmth 24X7.

The capital city is all about the amalgamation of modern and ancient but the Ishana at T3 brings the real India from the farthest corners of the country. If you are travelling through the T3 terminal, then make sure to keep some extra time to explore the store as we take you through a journey to give a fair idea what the whole place is about. Built around a unique Healing Pool, Ishana on one hand brings to the fore the treasure-trove of ancient wisdom of India, immortalized through Ayurveda and Yoga; and on the other hand showcases the best of traditional and contemporary arts, crafts and culture. The tagline of the place says Ishana – the ‘conscious one’ and and one can be entirely conscious when they are in close harmony with the inner self and the elements of the nature and that is what exactly they focus upon here.

As per the Vedas, the human habitations were built around a source of positive energy and hence Ishana is built around the Healing Pool. There is a lingam (solidified mercury) at the base center of the pool and the water is consecrated by eleven sadhus along with the Sadhuguru of the Isha Foundation. This water has deep healing powers to relieve you of all the negative energy blocks and fill your body, mind and spirit with positive vibrations. There is a poetry written on the boundaries of the pool in four different languages. The whole area around the pool has been given a south Indian look to give a sense of temple to the place and also because it is believed that south India is the originating point of the country.

Just across the Healing Pool, there is a stage meant for live musical performances; our guide for the day Sameer Jain told us that the stage is also used for musical plays during the major Indian festivals. There are different sections to the Ishana which include a Spa, Yoga and Meditation section, Lifestyle Retail areas as well as an Indian Kitchen and spices section, complete with a Café.

Enrich your living space with the Crafts & Home section. This section is dedicated to a mélange of products which showcase the best of crafting traditions in India. From clay-terracotta to gemstones, from brass to marble and from wood to paper products, this section is where you will find the finest crafts of India sourced directly by the craftsmen. Ishana is a place where Buddha rests besides Ganesha.

The Apparel and Jewellery section is dedicated to adorn your beauty and enhance your style. This section showcases a stunning array of traditional as well as contemporary apparel and jewellery. Finest fabrics that weave the India story – be it Khadi, Cottons, Silks or Wool, each fabric has centuries of traditions woven intricately into it. Delightful accessories that vie for your attention are also a part of this section.

Representing craft and technique perfected by craftsmen of different Indian states through the centuries, Ishana showcases a range of jewellery from kundan and pachhi to meenakari. Combining craftsmanship with inspiring designs, it showcases ornaments that spell élan and elegance. Sameer told us that this is the most loved section among the travellers.

While we were exploring the place which holds the essence of India, Sameer told us about the complimentary services of palm-reading and heena application. He also told us that people, who try the palm-reading, send the handprints of their family members as well to be read by the Panditji.

Apart from the Healing Pool, there is another section which concentrates upon overall curing through Ayurveda and yoga. This section offers a wide range of botanicals that help you look good outside and feel great inside. From the consecrated Vibhuti to the Devi Lamp, a host of products in these sections is designed and energised to draw and bestow positivity to one’s life.

India on a platter. Explore a little further and find delicious delicacies that lend variety and taste to your palate at Regal Cafe. The Ready-to-eat foods section at Ishana offers a wide range of popular traditional preparations. Also there is a wide array of popular traditional recipes with its range of pickles, spices and condiments, teas and accompaniments and Mouth Fresheners and Digestives to name a few. Selected with great care, each product has its own story to tell and origins to share.

We tried the Jaljeera at the Regal Café and its taste made us feel like going to the bylanes of Old Delhi and suddenly we were taken to the temples of South India when the artists start performing and the classical music started seeping into our nerves while the pool was already creating a trickling sound and the fresh flowers were floating in it. Dozens of bells were hung above the pool which did add an appeal to the ambience. The whole experience was so soothing that we were lost in it and that is when Sameer bought us back to inform that the spa is waiting for us.

We entered the spa and that is when we realised what the word ecstasy is all about. Beautifully done in soothing colours, the Ishana Nature Spa is designed to the comfort of the travellers with the large window panes overlooking the take-off area of the flights. We tried the Sukh Anubhuti, a relaxing point massage for back, feet and shoulders. Initially, it was a bit painful, perhaps because our bodies were too tired but after a quick 25 minutes, we felt completely relaxed. All the services are designed to provide maximum results in a short duration with its pressure-point and gel based therapies that do not require oil or shower, keeping the shortage of time of travellers. The Nature Spa brings the secrets of Indian knowledge and Asian heritage to the spa scenario.

We went ahead for a perfect end to the review with the steaming Masala Chai while reading the poetry written around the Healing Pool.

They call it an experience center and you can name it anything, a spa destination or a retail store but the whole set up is so soothing that you will forget all the airport hassles which you went through few minutes back.

Ishana Experience Center
25/26, International Departure, Terminal 3, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India
Tel: (+91) – 11 – 49633400-405


Text by Dhruv Bansal


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