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Navv Inder launches ‘Tu Meri Ki Lagdi’

So far he has been known only for his completely different combination of mixing urban and desi music in the chartbusters, Wakhra Swag and Att Tera Yaar. Both videos, incidentally, have garnered over 80 million views on Youtube. Navv Inder is ready with his new song, which, in his own words is “unlike anything I have done before.”

The new age performer launched ‘Tu Meri Ki Lagdi’, in association with Times Music. “The song,” says Navv Inder, “is a tribute to all my female fans.” Written by Navi Kamboz and composed by Mr Nakulogic, Tu Meri Ki Lagdi, with its folksy-meets-urban vibe promises to strike a chord across age groups.

“Yes, people would say Tu Meri Ki Lagdi is a different song from my previous singles. It is meant to be different! I want to explore all genres of singing. I wanted to break the myth that Punjabi music is only on high scales and notes. I have sung in a very low scale here. The song has a lilting score and a softness and the music isn’t what one expects out of a typical Punjabi song,” said Navv Inder, about his latest single.
“I am an admirer of everything that the Almighty has created. I am blessed to have been allowed to express my gratitude through my writing. Poetry, or lyrics are a way of praising what you see. I wrote this song after seeing someone close to my heart, who I cannot name right now,’ said lyricist Navi Kamboz Firozepurwala.

The music is very different from what could be obviously expected from someone who has sung a Wakhra Swag or an Att Tera Yaar. “Navv has this amazing voice quality that allows him to completely own any song in any genre. What’s more, he has the keen ear for music as well as the urge to experiment with sounds.. Navv is a music producer’s delight and I am really happy with Tu Meri Ki Lagdi,” says Mr Nakulogic.

Here is the video

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