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Orofluido EDP – a whiff of luxury in your bag

Orofluido EDP
Orofluido EDP

“I have too many perfumes..” said no woman ever! There is a day perfume, an evening perfume, a sleeping time perfume (Marilyn Monroe used Chanel No 5!). So when the travel writer in me was gifted Orofluido that can be used at all these times, and also fit in the palm and your bag, I was more than happy.

This is a relatively less-known scent – but that is the truth about all things nice and not yet discovered. Revlon describes this fragrance as one that “will transport you to an exotic world of ancient civilisations.” A bit too poetic for some, but this is a light fragrance best for people who don’t like strong scents.

variuos-24-copyThe foundation notes are those of vanilla – and yet it was like something I had never smelt before. It didn’t smell like a bakery – that’s what most vanilla-based perfumes smell like to me because they are just too sweet! The amber seems to perfectly offset the vanilla fragrance and reduces its sickly sweet headiness. The mandarin and lily notes make it smell fresh enough to use during day time as well. It is definitely more Oriental – but not make you faint! Opium does that to me – I get migraines! So the top notes are amber and mandarin, while at the heart, you can smell camellia and white flowers. Again, this scent isn’t overbearing – quite soft and pleasant.

The vanilla base actually is a good canvas on which to mount the other fragrances. In all, Orofluido is really subtle, really classy and really a must-have. The travel-friendly packing was, of course, the ultimate clincher.

Spray Orofluido on pulse points to which a dab of Vaseline has been applied, right after moisturising your skin so it stays on even longer and also spray a little onto your hair.


Text and images by Aarti Kapur Singh

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