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Product Review: Forest Essentials Under Eye Serum

Paeans and odes uncountable have been written to celebrate the beauty of eyes – the twin windows to an individual’s soul. Poetry aside, the drudgery and hard work of real life do tend to take the sparkle out of the eyes rather often and cloak them in darkness. There! I am getting poetic about something as irritating as dark circles, under-eye bags and so on. I am thankfully not that bothered about dark circles, but the first sign that my eyes give me when I am pushing them to their limits is under-eye bags, redness and general shadows around them. Since I wear glasses and a whole lot of kajal, I am able to camouflage this to an extent. But I was looking (though not very hard, I admit) for a permanent solution, perhaps a good under eye serum.

A recent chance trip to Forest Essentials’ store at Elante Mall in Chandigarh literally dropped the answer to my racoon-eye woes in my lap. The store manager/ in-house physician urged me to try the Under Eye Serum from the brand. I bought it, but was somewhere doubting the impulse buy (it does cost Rs 2200 for 20ml after all!)

I couldn’t wait to get back home and try this under eye serum on.

While most serums are ideally used at night, I was told this one could be used during the day as well – especially if I was at home and not wearing makeup. That is what I did for the next ten days – use it religiously at night right before bed, but also when I could during the day. I would cleanse my face, use a toner and dab a little around the eyes in a circular motion with my ring finger. One dot for each eye is more than sufficient. I did smear the excess on the sides of the mouth and on the neck area.

The product itself is sealed in an ergonomically designed bottle with a dropper. I was told it needs to be protected from harsh light so I keep the bottle in the outer card box. The serum is an off-white banana-coloured puree. Which also brings me to its key ingredients. Asides from Sweet Almond Kernel Oil, Black Sesame Seed Oil, Olive oil, Fresh aloe vera extract, Rose flower extract, Coffee bean extract, Lemon peel extracts, Wheat protein and Vitamin E, it contains Red banana flower extract and Potato starch. (I do know potato is an excellent bleaching solution for dark circles and puffy eyes). Banana flower helps in brightening while coffee bean helps in de-puffing and lightening and is good for smoothing and brightening. The website claims this to be a highly potent eye treatment serum with rich coffee bean and red banana flower extracts and potato starch that reduce the appearance of tired and puffy bags, fine lines and under eye dark circles. Forest Essentials also claims that bioactive extracts of Papaya and wheat protein boost cellular repair for a youthful appearance.

To be honest, the texture was neither sticky nor runny – at best slightly viscous. There was a light scent to it as well. But it did get absorbed partly – on application, one did feel a slight ‘film’ that was left behind. But since I wasn’t putting any kajal, I did not mind it. I liked the fact that it illuminates the under eye area upon application – it had a bit of ‘sheen’ to it.

Coming to the long-term results, I did see positive effects in about four days. It definitely reduced the fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. The skin around my eyes felt firmer and hydrated. The serum most certainly makes the skin around the eyes look smoothed and refreshed.

Price-wise, it does seem expensive. But considering there is a lot of product in that tiny bottle – because you are literally using just one drop at each application – the product will last you for a long time.

This under eye serum is definitely an investment!


Text and images by Aarti Kapur Singh

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