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Rock ‘n’ roll at Cafe Ludus

Cafe Ludus
Cafe Ludus

An evening under the stars with your love or a party with your friends…Cafe Ludus is the place. The exterior doesn’t even prepare you for the vibrant interiors. Great music and a warm ambience made it a lovely evening with friends for me.

Ludus, as I was told, is the Latin word for school or play. And the array of magazines and books in one corner made me feel that I should’ve had this kind of a place to run to during my school days! Owned by BTS Hospitality Pvt Ltd, the young and fun Café has been planned, executed and run by four partners–Abhimanyu Rai, Rachit Khanna, Nitin Chaudhary and Gaurav Gupta.

Well, school or no school, it’s certainly a place for friends, lovers or even someone looking to spend a completely chilled-out evening. The terrace seating is a place to forget the humdrum of life and pamper your taste buds. For those wanting to woo their special ones, opt for the space with sheer white curtains, flowers and candles.

The menu being vast, in terms of both drinks and food, we decided to let Heena Mahajan (Assistant Manager-PR) and Justin help us out. So, the two ardent choosers gave us the taste of the best from European and Mediterranean dishes.

There was Cambodian Basa (pan served basa served with potato quenelles), Gratinado Del Sol (parmeggiano polento gratin served with a choice of spicy vegetables in tomato basil sauce), Four Seasons Platter (falafel, cheese sambousek, cheese croquettes with hummus, baba ganoush mashed served with pita bread),Piranha Burgers (choice of chicken, lamb and tenderloin mini burgers).

The Gratinado Del Sol was certainly my favourite as I loved the tomato-basil sauce. It was soft and easy. The food lightly cooked, well flavoured and sauces yum, we had to meet and compliment Chef Amitabh who has been training chefs and looking after the kitchen. And I certainly recommend the Piranha Burgers—there is nothing Piranha-like about them though. The platter has three kinds—chicken, tenderloin and lamb–and they are simply delicious.

And to go with the yum food were Torched Rosemary Manhattan (a sturdy masculine drink with hints of rosemary and orange served in a martini with a tuille), Peach Berry Smoothie and Sangria (wine-based fruit punch with Café Ludus’ traditional recipe). I drowned all my sorrows in the Manhattan.

To end the yum meal was an even yummier Vesuvio (molten lava chocolate cake). The chocolate just melted in the mouth.

It was a relaxing dinner under the stars and no one was in a hurry to usher us out. For the younger ones, the music inside was amazing and Heena told us that weekends were even more fun.

On the anvil are plans to launch a European open-air fine-dining restaurant, with the longest bar in Delhi, live kitchen and herb garden. BTS will also be starting catering services called Saveur for weddings, events and other parties. Midnight delivery will soon begin which will have a different menu (mainly fast food) and cover South Delhi initially.

Service with a smile, good music, cosy ambience, it’s definitely a cafe to plan your rock ‘n’ roll times.

Address: Cafe Ludus, 2nd floor, MGF Mall, Saket, New Delhi;
Mobile: +91 9910636613; Ph: +91-01141416843




Text by Ambica Gulati
Cover image by Cafe Ludus

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