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Say hello to radiance with Johara Serum

Johara Serum
Johara Serum

One normally shies away from products that claim to lighten or whiten your skin, because, honestly there is no such product that does it without damaging your natural skin tone and texture. So it was with some amount of scepticism that I agree to try the Johara Phytobrightening Whitening Essence. As you cross thirties, and if you love the sun (but it doesn’t love you back – giving you pigmentation, tanning, blemishes and what have you!), this product is a manna sent from heaven.

Johara, a brand of the renowned Sami Group, has launched a range of products based on natural ingredients and this serum is one of them. It is enriched with botanicals and skin nutrients. Heavy winter creams and lotions tend to make the skin, especially on the face, look oily and dull. But this facial serum that contains mineral oil and various nut and seed oils locks in the moisture. So it is light-weight, non-greasy and non-comedogenic.

The high concentration of active ingredients powerful skin nutrients and vitamins such as C, B6, B3, B9 and B12 and caffeine obtained from Coffea Robusta Beans (known to offer sunscreen benefits and protect the skin from photodamage) that nourish your skin, renew it and protect it as well.

The instant effect I saw was an unbelievable evenness of skin tone and texture – yes on the first application itself. It looks most natural and is instantly absorbed. My skin felt soft and supple all day long without feeling sticky or greasy. I have been using it for almost a fortnight twice a day on cleansed face. I even use it under my night cream.

So while the PhytoBright Whitening Essence may not whiten your skin per se, it does renew it by clearing out blemishes and sun spots and making the skin tone even – so the effect does look like brightening, rather than whitening. The radiance I feel my skin has got is certainly more youthful.

Johara PhytoBright Whitening Essence comes in an attractive, white opaque bottle, with a pump dispenser cap (though the pump dispenser is a damp squib) and is priced at INR 1200 for 30ml. Available across India through distributors, this serum does emerge a winner.

Review by Aarti Kapur Singh