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Shaheen Abbas’s five jewellery trends for 2018

“You are an eye catcher! There is no reason your jewellery shouldn’t be eye-catching!” For jewellery designer Shaheen Abbas, a gift of the gab is easy. She is married to a pioneer of radio jockeying in India – Roshan Abbas. But that is not Shaheen’s claim to fame. She is a jewellery designer of repute and owns her own label, patronised by the who’s who of Indian fashion.

Growing up in a jewellery-loving family, renowned jewellery designer Shaheen Abbas’ interest in the art of fine jewellery stemmed from an early age. It was the intricacy of the workmanship, the timelessness of her family heirloom pieces and the techniques used to craft these pieces that really caught her attention. To further fuel her interest and hone her innate inclination towards the field, she took up the Graduate Diamonds Program at the Gemological Institute of America. She then pursued a course in Luxury Brand Management at ISC Paris Business School.

Designer Shaheen Abbas

Abbas started her first venture in the early 2000s, working with silver jewellery when it was still a nascent concept in India. This lent itself to the launch of Shaheen Abbas Fine Jewellery where she continues to add her signature touch of edge to precious favourites like diamonds and gemstones. Abbas’ latest venture is Flower Child, which brings her unconventional aesthetic to statement-making fashion accessories.

Experimenting with colour, cut and casting, the designer says, “My aim is to use jewellery to make women feel glamorous and special every single day of their lives.”

So here are five jewellery trends to look out for in 2018.

1. Forms & Textures
2018 is all about exploring. Playing with textures whether, in apparels or accessories, the idea is to discover and create newer forms. Experimenting with metal is always fun and it adds to the uniqueness of the jewellery, making it one-of-a-kind. In a way, they become statement pieces that are definite eye catchers. Asymmetrical designs, uneven textures, geometric shapes are your go-to picks when trying out new styles of jewellery.

2. Maximalism
With the petite and delicate trend reaching the shore, a wave of wild is ushering in. Try out chunky jewellery, turns out maximalism is the new mantra. Let these bold pieces take over your garb and become a conversation starter. Have a little fun with fashion and spruce up the usual.

3. Bigger the better
Oversized jewellery makes a classic return this season. Be it hoops, earrings or even cuffs, big pieces are more than enough to add the oomph factor to a regular look. Pair a white tee and blue jeans with these versatile accents.

4. Layering
Update your accessorising game with layered jewellery. Mix up metals or colours, put together varied lengths and pair statements with statements. Neckpieces, bracelets or cuffs, stackable jewellery is a good bet when styling your outfit. It adds movement, clinks and even elevates the look.

5. Mismatch
Break out of the mould and channel your inner eccentricities. Mismatched and diverse looks put together as a whole is a departure from the conventionally normal. Make your own normal with oddly paired earrings varying in – designs, tones and sizes. It is a towering trend this season. Just follow your instincts, for there are no dos and don’ts. Own your variations and wear it with confidence.

Shaheen Abbas lists ‘shoulder dusters’ as the key piece for 2018. “Shoulder dusters were seen grabbing eyeballs on runways for SS18. They are a must-have accessory this season, they spell elegance and exude a distinctive style statement,” says Shaheen Abbas.

The Rebelde Dual shoulder duster earrings from Shaheen’s collection are artistically handcrafted in 18k gold plating on brass. These are a modern take on the traditional Kashmiri Jhumki. What sets them apart is that they are detachable and allow you to play around and style it in your own sassy way.

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Text by Aarti Kapur Singh

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