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Success stories: How yoga helps celebrities stay fit

Being a celebrity means having to follow a strict fitness regime to stay in shape. But apart from helping celebrities look and feel good on camera, exercise also helps build stamina to keep them going during the long hours of work. Practising mind and body wellness are essential to celebrities, and many pay tribute to yoga for helping improve their overall wellbeing.

Below are five celebrities that attribute their success to yoga.

Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin in his 50s was a bit overweight, to say the least. However, thanks to yoga, he shed 30 pounds in just four months. Diagnosed as a pre-diabetic, he gave up sugar, which he admitted on his Twitter account as “truly a battle” in itself. Apart from yoga, the actor also does spinning and pilates. With Baldwin’s slimmer body, he could well be in line to act in another superhero film, just like he did when he starred as the protagonist in the 1994 film The Shadow.

Holly Madison

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Holly Madison took several weight loss programs to drop 19 pounds in over a year. The former Girls Next Door star attributes her weight loss to eating protein bars and fruit whenever she gets hungry, and of course practising yoga. With a knockout body at 37, Madison is ready for season 7 of Girls Next Door.

Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore gained a significant amount of weight after her second child. Thanks to her dedication to her work as a TV and movie celebrity, Barrymore knew that she needed to get back to her healthy lifestyle. Through regular portion-controlled meals and yoga, she transformed herself once more into everyone’s on-screen crush.

Tami Roman

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Tami Roman’s weight loss story is one of the most inspiring ones out there. When her weight shot up to 185 pounds, the Basketball Wives actress knew that she had to do something about it. She turned to yoga in order to shed pounds in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Roman said that she was able to shed 7 pounds in the first week of doing Yoga. Now, she is 40 pounds lighter.

Bonus: Jeremy Kyle

Image credit: MetroUK2

Jeremy Kyle may not be a true-blue yogi but he has certainly been seen doing some yoga poses on his popular chat show. Maybe he does yoga in his free time? No one knows for sure. One thing that we are sure of is he’s certainly pretty flexible.

Kyle is now the face of online gaming site Slingo Boom who sponsor his show that has been running since 2005 on British television, while also featuring on US cable. During the last season of the show, London paper The Metro posted an article showing Kyle’s poses during the shows, stating that he must be a yogi at heart. The article featured the chat show host in a number of weird positions as he listened to the stories of his guests.

Yoga is not only an exercise routine but a lifestyle as well. With regular practice, yoga promises its practitioners a healthy wellbeing and sound mind. After all, if it’s good enough for celebrities, it should work wonders for us.


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