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Sweet and Spicy Memories from South Korea

It’s better to see something once than to hear about it thousand times. “Go and See” is what I believe in. Travelling and exploring different places is something I always loved doing. Miss Asia Awards gave me an opportunity to explore Seoul- one of Asia’s major centres for culture, entertainment, and research, with additional strengths in the arts, commerce, and education. I had a memorable time in South Korea.

From people to museums, food and culture, I made some wonderful memories apart from the formal training happening for my pageant. My first encounter with the people of Seoul happened at the airport where the Miss Asia Awards team came to receive us. The people there are incredibly warm and welcoming just like the people in India.

Rocked the stage in South Korea with Punjabi dance.

Damyang was the place I was scheduled for during my stay in Seoul. Apart from this, the pageant team organised a special visit to some great museums showcasing jaw-dropping creativity with eye-pleasing 3D paintings. The museums proudly showcase Korea’s culture, history, people likes, and interest.

The mouth-watering food of Seoul

Needless to say, like many other Southeast Asian countries, the food in Korea is spicy. Being a food lover, I tasted many sumptuous dishes but Kim Chi will remain my all-time favourite. I also tested my cooking skills and learned to prepare Kim Chi.

Akanksha Singh with the Miss Asia awards contestants making Kim Chi

Bringing back so many memories, I would like to say that the atmosphere of Seoul is very friendly and warm. People are extremely artistic, creative, and innovative. The language can be the only hindrance since people are not open to other people’s language. Overall, the experience was memorable. I look forward to making some more Kim Chi back at home.


Text and images by Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh, model and actress, shines the tiara of 3rd runners-up at Miss Asia Awards where she represented India amongst 23 other countries and made the country proud on a global platform, the event took place recently at South Korea, Seoul.

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