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Kiehl’s Iris Extract, Genie in a bottle

Kiehl's is a company that has always used carefully selected natural ingredients to balance their gentle and yet highly effective formulations. I bought the Kiehl's Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence almost at the fag end of a battle with dry and dull skin in humid weather. According to the Kiehl's websites, and the claims that the therapist at the store made, the Kiehl's Iris Extract Activating Essence is an "essential 'first step' anti-aging treatment to maintain skin’s youthful texture, reduce fine

Go green: Love Biotique

Have you noticed as you age, your skin doesn't just develop wrinkles or lose its firmness, but the shape changes as well? Blame it on the loss of skin volume which could be caused by work pressure, heavy makeup or by not getting time to take care of your skin. In such a roller coaster ride life who has time to even think about skin nourishment. Famous for bringing Botanical concept in India, Biotique invited our team and helped us

5 homemade beauty coolers for summers

The sun is blazing in its full glory and you are as irritable as your skin is inflamed, eyes dry and itchy and hair a mess. Here are some natural ways to cool yourself down in the summers and enhance your beauty. Stock these natural ingredients in your kitchen or bathroom and you will be cool as a cucumber. Speaking of which, do remember to include at least two fresh fruits and raw vegetables in your diet every day to

Say hello to radiance with Johara Serum

One normally shies away from products that claim to lighten or whiten your skin, because, honestly there is no such product that does it without damaging your natural skin tone and texture. So it was with some amount of scepticism that I agree to try the Johara Phytobrightening Whitening Essence. As you cross thirties, and if you love the sun (but it doesn't love you back - giving you pigmentation, tanning, blemishes and what have you!), this product is a