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Book review: SIMIAN by Vikram Balagopal

Story-telling is one of the most oldest traditions of the world, a way to pass on information and ideas from one generation to another. India is a land of many tales, be it mythological, historical or general bedtime stories which grandmothers narrate to their grandchildren. Off-lately all the religious myths and stories are re-appearing in different versions like illustrations, historical fictions and graphics. In recent times, we have read many recounts of Mahabharata and journey of Lord Shiva but what was missing

Bhimtal: The Emerald Beauty

The shimmering greenery in and around the serene town of Bhimtal will turn frowns into smiles and take your breath away. A million stars over my head or perhaps a zillion and I kept looking up, speechless at the glory of the night. It was a spectacular sight to behold—the clear sky, the shining web of stars lighting up the dark road with their silver glitter and only a group of six to witness this beauty. We were on the road going