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Anything But Khamosh: all about Shotgun

Shatrughan Sinha has a special place in film-land. Even when he played a negative role, he had charm and dare I say, sympathy. He was the original enfant terrible of Hindi films. Now, of course, he is a seasoned politician whose booming voice and witty one-liners cause crowds to cheer loudly. Anything but Khamosh, an absolutely un-put-down-able book on the life and times of Shatrughan Sinha tells us many candid, less-known and insightful details about the first ever Indian film

The Curse of Nalanda; a story beyond eras

As one of the most revered seats of learning for Buddhist scholars, Nalanda continues to evoke a sense of enigma and reverence. It is based on this premise that author Manna Bahadur presents her second novel, The Curse of Nalanda. The narrative, a juxtaposition of past and present, is based around the historic Nalanda University and its subsequent ransacking and destruction. Intersected with this narrative is the story of two girls - Devahuti and Chandni - belonging to two completely different

Book Review: Devil Inside My Mind

'Devil Inside My Mind' could be an action-packed thriller. It could also be a social commentary. It could also be a self-help book. The book is all this, and much more - for it is a chronicle of a man plagued by a phenomenon that is as emotional as it is physical. Dr. Gaurav Nigam has narrated the story of struggles and triumphs of a young man through the character - Amit Saxena - who leads his life as dictated by

Kismetwali – beyond status and style

The first thing that strikes you about the book - Kismetwali and Other stories - is the cover. A photograph of puppets - that means nothing at the start, but as one progresses through the eight stories, one understands the comparison made between fate and human lives. Fate sometimes remains the master puppeteer and sometimes life and human will aspires to take the control away from fate. Set against the backdrop of modern-day India, Kismetwali and Other Stories are about situations

Happily Murdered – a daring debut

A debut book in fiction? Brave. A debut book in crime fiction? Even braver. Despite the fact that this is the first time Rasleen Syal attempts writing, and because of the fact that her beginner's style gives it away, this is a book that I read from start to finish in about three hours. The intriguing title and the premise also makes this book unputdownable. The likes of Agatha Christie, P.D. James or Mary Higgins Clark have set the ultimate

Runaway Children – trials and tribulations

Runaway Children is an autobiographical journey of S Hariharan, BPO owner, who ran away from his home as a 14-year-old. The story is delicately told and Hariharan has tactfully raised many questions which we conveniently brush under the carpet. He has questioned the wisdom of raising children with iron hand, without much thought given to their thinking pattern, emotions and what all trauma they face at different stages of their life. The memoir focuses on the trials and tribulations faced

Book review: SIMIAN by Vikram Balagopal

Story-telling is one of the most oldest traditions of the world, a way to pass on information and ideas from one generation to another. India is a land of many tales, be it mythological, historical or general bedtime stories which grandmothers narrate to their grandchildren. Off-lately all the religious myths and stories are re-appearing in different versions like illustrations, historical fictions and graphics. In recent times, we have read many recounts of Mahabharata and journey of Lord Shiva but what was missing

The PM’s Wishlist towards better India

If it can make you ponder and not let you leave it until you finish all the pages, then it’s called a good read. The PM’s Wishlist by JK Sachin is one such book, a political fiction and talks about the deep-rooted issues of a country like India and their possible solutions from the eyes of a Prime Minister. As India recently chose its new Prime Minister, this book would be an interesting read. Though the book is a pure fiction,

Sorting Out Sid – Save Our Souls

Book brief: Sorting Out Sid is the story of Siddharth Aggarwal, who is entangled in his professional and personal life. At first look, his life looks more than perfect with devoted friends, a happy married life and a chance to be the youngest VP at the age of 36. But slowly when you sail through the pages, the real story starts unfolding. His life is slowly falling apart, with his married life in splits, parents who still consider him an immature