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RAAS – bringing back histories together through food

In one of the busiest cities, Delhi, I found a corner where two separated countries, India and Pakistan, rendezvous. A part of the mouth-watering Pakistani delicacies lives in Hauz Khas village. Tucked away on a cobbled leafy part of the quaint village is where you will find an epicurean’s oasis – Raas. My friend and I entered this restaurant where the interiors are given a trendy yet traditional look. There is enough walking space between the seats and one can relax

Ardor: Mix ‘n’ Match

An old world charm, pillars reminiscent of the times of the British, Ardor is located in Delhi’s renowned Connaught Place. Situated on the first floor in N block, the first thing that strikes you is the architecture of times gone by – high roof, long windows, and the colonial feel. Paintings adoring the walls, live-kitchen experience, a spacious sitting arrangement (It can accommodate 120 people in one go) and soothing music playing in the background completes the fine-dining experience. The