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Beating cancer with courage and self-belief

It was an evening dedicated to bravery, self-belief and courage this International Women’s Day at The Imperial hotel, Connaught Place. Though I do not advocate the concept of the day for more reasons than one and keep myself from the celebrations but this one was different. The focus was to lay more emphasis on women’s health by Roko Cancer Charitable Trust and an inspirational first-person account of Ms Joita Soni, a two-time cancer survivor and a member of Roko Cancer's

SoulSpeak helps individuals realise their inherent powers

Soul Speak ( is one of the largest online social-spiritual networks offering one to one interaction between spiritual masters and seekers. The platform encourages spiritual conversations among users, across multiple forums. It is one of the most extensive websites on truly healthy and enlightened spirituality, awakening to absolute awareness, the lives and teachings of sages and saints, and many articles on our mystical traditions, world religions, power of consciousness, emotional healing, styles of meditation, sacred relationships and more. The community is

Healing Relationships

A marriage of peace and happiness… Ah! A dream for most of us, but it can be say relationship experts. They say good coordination is the key to make relationships work. I am not talking about a couple relationship alone, but all kinds of relationships—mother and child, father and mother, friends, boy and girl, just friends, husband and wife, child and father, girlfriend and boyfriend…relationships are the base on which the universe moves. Madhu Kotiya, a Delhi-based therapist, says, “Changing lifestyles